22 Jun 201561

Speaking to Breitbart News Sunday, Big Government founding editor Mike Flynn, a conservative activist running for the seat vacated by Aaron Shock, recounted the ways the central Illinois GOP is trying to quash his candidacy.

Flynn says that, instead of making robocalls which can be recorded, supporters of his primary opponent Darin LaHood are conducting live calls and telling voters in the deeply conservative district that Flynn is a liberal Republican.

“They’re saying I support amnesty, that I support banning hand guns,” said Flynn. “They’re not even testing the truth — they’re just outright lying, wholesale.”

The amnesty charge is remarkable, considering that Flynn did extensive work with investigative reporter Matthew Boyle to expose the Gang of Eight immigration bill as an attempt to give Obama his “legacy.” Flynn reaffirmed on the radio that American must close the border, verify it’s closed, and then and only then begin to tackle what progressives and establishment Republicans call “immigration reform.”

LaHood’s supporters in the GOP establishment are also inventing groups out of the whole cloth to damn Flynn with praise.
“A group out of nowhere called the ‘Log Cabin Republicans out of Central Illinois’ were endorsing me, because Darin LaHood was too gosh darn conservative,” Flynn laughed. “It doesn’t exist. It never existed.”

The Log Cabin Republicans’ national organization shot down the endorsement shortly after some websites were fooled into posting it. Chapter leaders cannot endorse candidates in federal races, the organization’s executive director said, and no “Log Cabin Republicans of Central Illinois” chapter exists.

Flynn reiterated his deeply-held convictions to potential primary voters: “I will continue the fight I’ve already been engaged in at Breitbart,” he said. He thinks Obamacare must be scrapped and torn out of the federal code. Patient-provider relationships must become the center of the healthcare system once more, and the system should operate on a consumer-driven model, not a government-managed one.

LaHood also faces questions about serious conflicts of interest. A Breitbart News investigation revealed that LaHood voted for a bill that would enrich both his law firm and big campaign donors at taxpayers’ expense, without ever disclosing that conflict of interest.

Flynn is confident that a conservative candidate can sweep the special election.

“We can definitely win this,” Flynn said. “The establishment will outspend me, but in a special election, we can win this race.”
Votes will be cast on July 7.