Her Jewelry stand out to me. - it looks like Middle Eastern style gold and turquoise. I have notice it in several pictures of her , particularly the big broach she wear in the infamous picture of her with her blackberry.

Mike Pence Compares Hillary Clinton to Nixon: ‘Looks Like Obstruction’

REUTERS/Rick Wilking

12 Oct 2016 Fletcher, NC

FLETCHER, North Carolina — Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence greeted an overflow crowd in Fletcher, North Carolina, on Monday evening with recollection of a time when then-President Richard Nixon was driven out of office over the Watergate scandal, comparing that to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s destruction of tens of thousands of subpoenaed emails.

Pence told the overflow crowd of nearly 400, “The stakes in the election go far beyond what the media is focused on, on any given day. It really has to do with the things that, the things that reach your kitchen table.”

He referred to the “avalanche of scandals and controversies and conflicts of interests flowing just out of the recent Clinton years in public service.”

Pence went after Clinton for her “private family foundation,” the Clinton Foundation, that took tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments and donors while she served as secretary of state, the third-ranking constitutional officer. He remarked that half of the meetings she took while in the position were given to major donors to her family’s Clinton Foundation. And he spoke of the high technology used to destroy her emails and use of hammers to destroy electronic devices used to send them.

“I’m old enough to remember a president who erased 18 and a half minutes and they ran him out of town,” said Pence — the reference to the Watergate scandal and former President Nixon being forced into leaving the office of President of the United States. “And Hillary Clinton deleted more than 18,000 emails that were under a subpoena from the United States congress.”

“Men and women, that doesn’t look like politics to me, that looks like obstruction,” said Pence.

“Even with the Clintons, sometimes truth happens,” Pence said of former president Bill Clinton’s statement on the “craziest thing in the world” that is Obamacare. Pence then noted that Hillary Clinton said during Sunday night’s debate that her husband Bill had “clarified” what he meant. “We’ll repeal Obamacare day one and we will start over … we’re gonna replace it with the kind of health care reform that empowers patients, allows you to choose your doctor, and captures the power and energy of the free market,” Pence said.

He told the crowd that he was encouraged by their enthusiasm and urged them to get out and work their hearts out in the next 28 days to elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. “It’s going to go by in a blink,” Pence said of the days until the general election.