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    More on Near Fatal Beating at Massachusetts Inclusive Peace and Love College

    More on Near Fatal Beating at Massachusetts Inclusive Peace and Love College

    01/16/2020 ~ Ann Corcoran

    If you missed my post here about how a professor, a female Japanese national, nearly beat to death a fellow female professor at the elite Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts, go back now and read it because here is the next installment:

    From Law Enforcement Today (h/t: Cathy):

    Professor at police-bashing MA college accused of attacking colleague with fire poker, garden shears

    SOUTH HADLEY, MA- The campus has made national headlines for students bashing law enforcement. Now the college is once again in the news. This time it’s after a professor there was arrested on charges she tried to murder a colleague.

    There’s a funny expression, helped made popular via various t-shirts, that says:
    “If you don’t remember, it didn’t happen”.

    Seems like that is the excuse being offered when a college professor in Massachusetts was accused and arrested for allegedly attacking a female colleague of hers inside the victim’s home.


    Professor Rie Hachiyanagi arrested in violent attack at all the women’s college which brags that it is an “inclusive community of students, faculty, and staff in an environment of mutual respect in which all thrive and contribute to the flourishing of others.”

    Although, “attacking” might be a bit of an understatement, seeing that the charges levied are attempted murder based upon the extent of the injuries and the weapons claimed to have been used are downright disturbing.

    Fifteen miles north of the Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, lies the small town of Leverett which hosts a population of under 2,000 people and rarely has a violent crime recorded on the books year over year.

    You can imagine the shock sent through the very small town that hasn’t had even five reported assaults since 2014 to now have someone nearly murdered in their own home.

    An art professor from Mount Holyoke College, Rie Hachiyanagi, has been charged with attempted murder and various other crimes after visiting a colleague in the small town of Leverett.

    According to the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, she allegedly attacked one of the other staff members from the school with a fire poker and other objects inside their home.

    Just this past Friday, Rie Hachiyanagi was arraigned at the Orange District Court and was ordered to be held without bail. As of now, Hachiyanagi has another hearing scheduled on February 4th where the circumstances could change with regard to setting a bail amount.

    Now for the part that will make you want to roll on the floor and laugh your head off….

    Now let’s flashback to last April, when Western Massachusetts Police Academy recruits were graduating. [And using the college auditorium.—ed]

    According to a report from the Daily Wire, students from Mount Holyoke College had been distributing flyer handouts alerting other students to the upcoming graduation. They planned to protest the ceremony.

    The graduation was set to take place in the college’s auditorium – and activists around campus were livid.

    The school circulated an announcement to make students aware of the large police presence on campus.

    The notice being circulated by student activists was claiming that the administration was welcoming a group synonymous with white supremacy.

    The school is “welcoming a large number of armed individuals from a known paramilitary organization with a documented history of white supremacist and patriarchal violence,” the flyer said.

    It then named minority groups that have a “reason to be alarmed.

    They even said allowing the graduation would make campus unsafe for, “black women, women of color, Black queer and trans folks, queer and trans folks of color, non-Black/POC queer & trans folks, undocumented folks, and disabled folks.”

    There is much more, so you must go read it yourself because reporter Gregory Hoyt did a lot of work. However, below is one last comment that had me roaring with laughter alone here in my attic room (I recently moved up from the basement):

    Your teachers might be running around preaching about how Trump is evil and that police officers and conservatives are all racist, homophobic hate-mongers, but I can guarantee you that’s more ridiculous than the fact you’re paying $50,000 a year to get a ‘gender studies’ degree.

    Professor Hachiyanagi will be back in court on February 4th, so come back for the next installment shortly thereafter.

    In case you are wondering, as far as we know, her victim has not been publicly named.

    I’m dying to know what color she is, aren’t you?

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