I decided to write to La Raza, and give them an earful. I am hoping I pinned them to the wall with this. I want them to explain to me and all Americans why their beloved illegal aliens they support attack Americans, but mainly white Americans (please excuse that, it is in reference to this remark Jose Gutierrez said). Here is my letter, and I will post the reply, if I get one:

I found a quote from a Jose Gutierrez and it says "of" La Raza, I am wondering if this man is affiliated with your organization? This is the comments that I read, quoted from his exact words: "We have to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if worse comes to the worst, we have got to kill him." - Jose Gutierrez, La Raza .

I find these comments more than quite offensive and I am wondering with all of this horrifyingly racist remarks coming from Latino people like Guttierrez, Navarro and such, how you feel that your organization is seen by the non-Latino populations? These kind of comments are not only base threats in nature, but show an extreme contempt for Americans who are not Latino.

I would hope that your organization would be attempting to educate the illegal aliens you support, that if it were not for the non-Latino populations ancestors, this country would not be the great civilized country that it is today, tamed and cultivated by those very hands. I personally have found these kinds of remarks an eye opener, and it also explains the attitude I encounter daily in our own community, by the population of Latinos, many of which are most likely illegally here, towards the citizens of this country. Do they truly think that they have the right to come here and just take over and make a whole new nation for themselves, while lobbing threats of violence towards Americans, let alone they are targeting white Americans in this? Tell me this is not racist, it is 100%.

I am sorry to have such a long winded email, but this has terribly disturbed me, and this is now the reason (as well as all those televised marches where illegal aliens and their supporters carried foreign flags on our soil and "demanded" amnesty) why I support enforcement of our existing laws on immigration and want no new provisions, just enforcement.

I would hope that this well know organization has not ties with these extremists and also distances yourselves from the talk of reconquista of this supposeded "Aztlan".

Sincerely,(name deleted for this post)