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    MY ORIGINAL QUOTE. Mark my words!!!!

    This is a rallying cry. I have a premonition (not a pyscho scary way, but a 'this is cool way')

    All this talk of "seperation of church and state".... the mantra of the goverment and its people thru the years. We must have clarity of government. Can't be influenced by religious views.

    All this time we have been worrying about that, and other things... yet, the biggest shadow has loomed its visage to sink its fangs into our government to suck out its morality...

    what is it? Business. Corporations.

    We don't need to worry about the seperation of church and state, but rather BUSINESS AND STATE.

    we need a seperation of BUSINESS AND STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - now back to our regular scheduled events -

    btw.. newts commerical on youtube is good. effective without being confrontational... check it out here. I have commented on it.

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    BrightNail ... you are so correct. In order to achieve that, we need to do a couple of things one of which is in progress or at least introduced. One of the greatest power sources of business to control our state is corporate taxes.

    Eliminate all corporate and business taxes and you now remove 70% of the reason business and those who own them take an interest on behalf of the corporation or business in our political leaders.

    There is legislation introduced and gaining widespread attention and support that you may already know about but if not and for the benefit of others here it is:

    It is a national sales tax .. eliminates all corporate and business taxes. In addition, it eliminates all personal income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and dividend taxes. It also eliminates social security tax paid by employees and employers along with the self-employment tax. It eliminates all federal taxes, repeals the IRS Code and eliminates the IRS Agency.

    States collect the national sales tax through retail vendors and service providers and then forward it to the US Treasury.

    Under the Fair Tax ... businesses, corporations, wealthy shareholders who control them .. no longer have any reason to manipulate our government and public officials in the name of taxes.

    The second thing we need to do is separate business from voting through campaign contributions. Corporations have no citizenship, no voting rights, so therefore it is insane that they contribute to political campaigns when their entity has no vote.

    Make it illegal for any corporation or business to use company money of any kind for contribution to political campaings and make it illegal for any politician to receive it.

    Americans will then control their lives, the amount of taxes we pay based upon our consumption choice through the Fair Tax (not the Flat Tax .. I don't like that one) and then we control our government with our votes and campaign contributions instead of corporations and businesses that under the present system are controlling both our lives and our government.

    "Separation of Business and State"==BrightNail

    Brilliant. You should use that in your signature line!!

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