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    Nebraska Senate Candidates Have Different Takes On Border Crisis

    Nebraska Senate Candidates Have Different Takes On Border Crisis

    July 24, 2014 By Deena Winter Leave a Comment

    By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog
    LINCOLN, Neb. — Before the primary election, Republican Senate nominee Ben Sasse’s opponents made a last-ditch effort to question his stance on immigration, but their hits made nary a dent as he cruised to victory, garnering more than twice as many votes as the runner-up.

    Before the primary, Sasse said he opposed amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. He blamed the Obama administration for paying lip service to illegal immigration when its real goal is to turn Texas into a “blue or purple state.”

    But some conservatives were suspicious because he accepted $2,600 from pro-amnesty businessman Mike Simmonds – the maximum he could give before the primary. In the past, Simmonds had said he wouldn’t support candidates who score political points on the backs of Hispanics or oppose granting complete amnesty to those who came here illegally — although he supported securing the border.

    Hard-liners were also skeptical of Sasse because Midland University, of which he was president at the time, was involved in the effort earlier this year to repeal Fremont’s controversial ordinance that bans rentals to illegal immigrants. Fremont voters rejected the repeal.

    So what’s Sasse’s take on the current border crisis, where double the usual number of Central American children have trekked north and crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, many of them with the notion they’ll be allowed to stay, under a 2012 Obama program? More than 200 of those children have been placed with relatives and sponsors in Nebraska.

    Sasse released a statement saying, “Whatever our political disagreements, Nebraskans can agree that these children are caught in a humanitarian crisis.
    Parents everywhere should be horrified that many of these children have been trafficked by coyotes and, through no fault of their own, face the threat of disease and abuse.”

    Sasse said the country needs to expedite their processing and prevent thousands more from “needlessly suffering.” The president should unequivocally declare to Central American governments and media outlets that the United States is not offering automatic amnesty, he said.

    “Although the administration propagates the myth that these children are fleeing new outbreaks of Central American violence, the reality is that the vast majority of the children were trafficked to our border under the false notion that our government is offering some sort of amnesty and family reunification,” he said. “Preventing more suffering starts by setting the record straight.”

    Sasse’s campaign declined to comment on his stance on the $3.7 billion Obama is seeking to deal with the crisis.

    His Democratic opponent, nominee Dave Domina, did not respond to a request for comment, but he made it clear on Twitter and in a campaign statement he views the children as refugees fleeing violence in Central America.

    “These children are escaping countries where the murder rate is six times that of Chicago, America’s most dangerous city,” he said in the statement.

    “The children are running from neighborhoods where rape is an everyday occurrence and where drug lords routinely kill boys who don’t want to enter their criminal gangs.”

    He was critical of Obama for being slow to respond to the crisis, noting that he played golf and attended fundraisers rather than visit the border.

    “Congress and the media are wasting time playing the blame game,” Domina said. “Rather than helping, our governor complains about the 200 refugee kids who have managed to find shelter in Nebraska. If what’s happening now in Texas and Arizona was in Africa or the Middle East, we’d call it a refugee crisis – and we’d be working with the international community to find a solution.”

    He proposes fully staffing the nation’s immigration courts and supports Obama’s request for emergency funding to help address court backlogs. And while he says the U.S. should police its border “intelligently” — by focusing on gang members and dangerous criminals — he also advocates for creating “a just and humane temporary worker program” that issues “short-term work visas for migrants to do jobs that are difficult to staff with native-born workers.”

    “A temporary work program will boost our own economy even as it gives people from around the world the opportunity to experience American freedom and to accumulate savings that will spark development in their home countries,” he said.

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    ugh, looks like the big money interests may have bought them another professional liar in Nebraska.

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    Domina, Jenkins, Sasse all see influx of children at border as a crisis

    POSTED: MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014 12:15 AM
    By Roseann Moring / World-Herald staff writer

    Nebraska’s three candidates for U.S. Senate agree that the problem of unaccompanied Central American minors coming to the border for refuge is a humanitarian crisis that calls for federal action.

    They also agree that the federal government should fund more immigration judges. But Republican Ben Sasse, Democrat David Domina and independent Jim Jenkins differ on an approach to the problem and possible solutions.

    The three also disagree about whether federal officials should tell state officials the identities and locations of the children currently in Nebraska, as Gov. Dave Heineman has asked.

    All three were skeptical about authorizing $3.7 billion in additional spending requested by President Barack Obama to help deal with the problem.

    Federal officials are grappling with a flood of unaccompanied Central American children — more than 50,000 since October — seeking asylum on the southern U.S. border. The problem is likely to persist into the term of whichever candidate replaces retiring Sen. Mike Johanns.

    Some children wait years for a hearing before an immigration judge to determine whether they qualify as refugees.

    Sasse said the children are arriving at the border because there’s a perception they’ll receive immediate amnesty. He said the president is not doing enough to dispel that belief.

    Sasse said Obama should “unequivocally state” that children seeking refuge won’t receive automatic amnesty.
    “The president could stop most of this bleeding, and he’s not doing that,” Sasse said.

    The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2008, affirmed an existing policy requiring officials to let unaccompanied children entering from countries other than Canada and Mexico to stay in the United States long enough to receive a hearing before an immigration judge, and it requires such children to be placed in the least restrictive setting, such as with relatives already here.

    Sasse said that, if elected, he would be reluctant to approve the president’s $3.7 billion request without an accounting of where the money would go.

    He also said the president should release the information Heineman wants about immigrant children in Nebraska. Sasse said the children will receive services at the state and local level, so officials need information about them.

    Overall, “we ought to be figuring out a way to expedite processing, sending people back as quickly as possible,” he said.
    Domina, a lawyer, said the problem isn’t at the border but within the countries where the children originate. He said he believes many or most of the children are actual refugees, and therefore it’s appropriate that they should come here.
    The long-term solution, he said, is for the United States to intervene in the children’s dangerous home countries.
    “It’s an enormous problem ... that tears your heart out,” he said. Domina said, however, that the president’s $3.7 billion request seems too expensive.

    Domina said Heineman has no reason to know the identities or locations of the unaccompanied children in Nebraska unless they enter the state foster care system. “He’s just made a demand because he wants to know,” Domina said. “That’s not a sufficient reason.”

    Jenkins, a Callaway rancher and businessman, said the issue reflects partisan gridlock.
    “Democrats and Republicans are going to do what they always want to do, which is not work together,” he said.
    He called for comprehensive immigration reform, including securing the border and a pathway to legal status for those already in the country.

    “By not securing the border we are inviting this humanitarian crisis,” Jenkins said.

    He called Obama’s $3.7 billion request a “Band-Aid” solution and said it will probably cost more money to fix the overall problem. He also said the federal government should defer to Heineman and tell Nebraska where the children are now.

    Contact the writer: 402-444-1084,

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