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Thread: The New Southern Poverty Law Center

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    The New Southern Poverty Law Center

    The New Southern Poverty Law Center

    May 8, 2014 - 4:11 PM
    By Catherine Davis

    For more than 40 years, many Blacks have held the Southern Poverty Law Center in high esteem. After all it was one of the prominent legal forces that helped shape the fight for equality in America by taking on the Ku Klux Klan, the terrorist group that wreaked so much havoc in the lives of Blacks and other minorities. When it was announced that the co-founder of the SPLC, Morris Dees, was speaking at the University of Georgia, the decision to attend was easy. I wanted to hear the heart of a man who had shown himself brave in the face of blatant racism.

    After abruptly interrupting a documentary on the life of Donald L. Hollowell, a civil rights legend who had represented Martin Luther King, Jr. (he helped obtain his release from the Reidsville State Prison), Morris Dees began his presentation. For the next 40 or so minutes he outlined a calculated, deliberate political agenda cloaked in the garments of the civil rights movement. He chose the most dramatic cases covered by his firm to expound on what he considered to be the injustices of today.

    Every story he told was designed to motivate those in attendance to continue their support of his organization so he could go forward providing additional opportunities for justice. Talking about "colored folk" and coming a hair's breadth short of using the N word, he very solemnly, and sometimes colorfully, told stories to invoke the imagery of fear and hate that had plagued the American south. He told stories about the Vietnamese who were harassed by Texas fishermen; about the laws of the nation that eventually provided protection to the minority; and he ended with a story of horror about a Black youth who had been beaten savagely and then lynched. He quietly, but compellingly, gave a cry for justice - justice for illegal immigrant children who are not allowed to pay in-state tuition at the University of Georgia; and justice for the LGBT couples who are not allowed to have their benefits paid for by the University. And therein is the problem.

    None of the stories he told had anything to do with the status of illegal immigrants; the status of Obamacare (named after the president with a "funny" name as Mr. Dees put it) or the marital privileges of those that practice the LGBT lifestyle. The stories he told were examples of an era when people were denied rights, some tortured, some killed because of their God-given traits - the color of their skin or their ethnicity.

    The torture and lynching of Michael Donald, the young man killed by members of the United Klan of America, had nothing to do with the political agenda of LGBT activists. The denial of fishing rights to Vietnamese fishermen had nothing to do with the political agenda of illegal immigrants. Both of those groups can blend into the culture - the illegals can become legal, the LGBT community can choose to no longer tell us about their sexual liaisons. Yet, Morris Dees and others in his progressive political and elitist world freely exploit the most heinous, shameful era of our nation's history in support of erasing the lines of morality and, replacing them with the anything goes lifestyles they promote. It is noteworthy that the SPLC does this while sitting on a mountain of cash - $281 million - taken from countless well-meaning small donors who know little or nothing of their new agenda.

    Not all of us are stupid enough to drink the progressive Kool-Aid that tries to use the history of Blacks to support behaviors that are or have been illegal. Not all of us will sit still for the rape of our legacy. Some of us, no most of us, reject, categorically, the notion that any illegal or immoral behavior, whether that of the illegal immigrant or that of the LGBT lifestyle, should be allowed to rise to the level of that which is legal and moral by riding the coattails of the civil rights movement.

    Behavior is not immutable. The blood that was shed to free Blacks from slavery and then separate but equal discrimination was costly, too costly to be squandered on the political agenda of those seeking to force the culture to acknowledge behavior as an inalienable right.

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    I wonder if they are advising the BLM also.

    Southern Poverty Law Center is Now Part of DHS (Department of Homeland Security)

    Submitted by We the People on Fri, 10/08/2010 - 16:52in

    As the below document makes clear, Southern Poverty Law Center is Now Officially Part of DHS. The CEO of SPLC now sits on the DHS “Working Group on Countering Violent Extremism” along with the leaders of other So-called Non Government Organizations (but can we really call them such now that they are part of the government?) And select “law enforcement” officers such as the Clark County Nevada Sheriff, Doug Gillespie. What does the working group do? Make recommendations on training and how to use all of the local resources – police, social services, media, NGO’s, you name it – to fight “extremism. So, now no need to file a FOIA request to discover that SPLC is writing the reports naming constitutionalists as possible terrorists. Now it is in your face and the mask is off.

    When you read the below document, keep in mind the current ordeal of the Irish family where their newborn baby was taken based on an affidavit that notes the father’s “association with a militia group known as Oath Keepers.”. Pay attention to who sits on this panel (see pages 26-30), to who DOESN’T, how they plan on reaching DHS tentacles down into every level of society, and how they talk overtly about the need to utilize local SOCIAL WELFARE and MENTAL HEALTH agencies to counter “violent extremism.”. In other words, what is now being done to the Irish family will be done all over.
    This is the overt politicization of DHS, to use it against political enemies.
    I will post more on this later today.
    Stewart Rhodes

    The DHS Politburo.

    Read the complete document Here:

    Members of the Countering Violent ExtremismWorking Group
    Martin O'Malley
    Governor, State of Maryland, (Working Group Chair)
    Art Acevedo
    Chief of Police, Austin Police Department
    Nimco Ahmed
    Policy Aide, Vice-President of the Minneapolis CityCouncil
    Omar Alomari
    Community Engagement Officer, Ohio HomelandSecurity
    Acting Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law
    Richard Cañas
    Former Director, New Jersey Office of HomelandSecurity and Preparedness
    Richard Cohen
    President and CEO, Southern Poverty Law Center

    Michael Downing
    Deputy Chief, Commanding Officer, Counter Terrorismand Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Los Angeles PoliceDepartment
    Mohamed Elibiary
    President and CEO, The Freedom and Justice Foundation
    Clark Ervin
    Director, Homeland Security Program, The Aspen Institute
    Paul Goldenberg
    National Director, Secure Community Network
    Doug Gillespie
    Sheriff, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

    Ellen Gordon
    Associate Director, Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security
    Ronald Haddad
    Chief of Police, Dearborn Police Department
    Deputy Inspector, New York City Police Department
    Cathy Lanier
    Chief, Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department
    Imam Mohamed Magid
    Executive Director, All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMSCenter)

    Mary Marr
    President, Christian Emergency Network
    Dalia Mogahed
    Senior Analyst and Executive Director, Gallup Center for MuslimStudies

    Jeff Moss
    Director, Black Hat/Techweb

    Dan Rosenblatt
    Executive Director, International Association of Chiefs of Police
    Asim Rehman
    President, Muslim Bar Association of New York

    Nadia Roumani
    Director, American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute

    Frances Townsend
    Partner, Baker Botts, L.L.P.
    Chuck Wexler
    Executive Director, Police Executive Research Forum
    Skip Williams
    Provost and Vice President for Health Affairs, The GeorgeWashington University

    Subject Matter Experts
    Arif Alikhan
    Assistant Secretary, Policy Development, DHS

    John Cohen
    Special Advisor to the Secretary on Information Sharing, DHS
    Bart Johnson
    Principal Deputy Under Secretary, Intelligence and Analysis, DHS
    David Schanzer
    Associate Professor of the Practice for Public Policy and Director,Triangle Center of Terrorism and Homeland Security, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University
    Bob Wasserman
    Chairman, Strategic Policy Partnership
    Laurie Wood
    Analyst, Southern Poverty Law Center/Instructor, Federal LawEnforcement Training Center

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    Leftist, terrorism-inspiring Southern Poverty Law Center labels Common Core critics ‘far-right extremists’

    12:01 PM 05/10/2014

    Eric Owens
    Education Editor

    Fresh off its “Hate Map” that inspired a fellow leftist to go to the Family Research Council headquarters in an attempt to kill a bunch of people and rub their faces with Chick-fil-A sandwiches, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has issued a derisive report condemning opposition to Common Core as a propaganda effort by “far-right extremists” to destroy public schools.
    “Across the United States, a fierce wave of resistance is engulfing the Common Core State Standards, threatening to derail this ambitious effort to lift student achievement and, more fundamentally, to undermine the very idea of public education,” the May 2014 report proclaims.

    The report largely ignores the large number of critics on the American political left, including the Chicago Teachers Union, who deplore Common Core because it mandates evermore standardized testing. It also largely ignores the complaints of a multitude of critics on the right, who oppose a technocratic takeover of public education that wrests education decisions out of the hands of local school boards and parents.

    Instead, the SPLC report insists, opposition to Common Core comes from “far-right extremists” who oppose Common Core out of fears it will “indoctrinate young children into ‘the homosexual lifestyle’” and “turn children into ‘green serfs’ who will serve a totalitarian ‘New World Order.’”

    “The disinformation campaign is being driven by the likes of Fox News, the John Birch Society, Tea Party factions, and the Christian Right,” the report declares. The SPLC also mentions “the Koch brothers,” of course.

    The conspiracy theorists behind the SPLC report theorize that “the radical right” hopes to use opposition to Common Core as a proxy in a broader fight to terminate all public education for some 50 million schoolchildren in the United States.

    “The Christian Right is reprising themes from earlier battles over the teaching of evolution, school prayer, sex education and more recent efforts to stop the bullying of LGBT students,” the SPLC claims. “Their moneyed allies seek to privatize the education landscape.”
    The SPLC calls public education – in one-size-fits-all public schools – a “linchpin not only of our prosperity but of the American ideal of equality for all.”

    “Political leaders and policymakers at all levels must reject the extremism that has polluted the debate and focus on the real issues,” the report urges.

    The SPLC is, of course, most famous because a man named Floyd Lee Corkins used an SPLC “Hate Map” to find the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, DC. He entered the headquarters lobby in August 2012 in an attempt to “to kill as many people as possible” and “smother Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces” because he disagreed with the conservative organization about gay marriage. Corkins managed to shoot a security guard. The guard disarmed him.
    (RELATED: Family Research Council shooter pleads guilty)

    In March, the Federal Bureau of Investigations removed links to the Southern Poverty Law Center from the civil rights division’s web page, breaking ties with the group that inspired the would-be mass shooter.

    (RELATED: FBI severs ties with liberal, domestic terrorism-inspiring Southern Poverty Law Center)

    This academic year, for the first time, 46 states and the District of Columbia began implementing all or part of the Common Core standards, which attempts to standardize K-12 curricula in English and math around the country.

    Read more:

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