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    Southern Poverty Law Center?

    The head of the so called Southern Poverty Law Center (Ran by a RICH lawyer?) was in the Peoples Republic of Boulder at the U of Colorado giving a speech the other day. The guy said his group moniters something like 400 "Hate groups..." on the internet Sir, define hate group? So are they monitoring us at ALIPAC? We law abiding citizens who want our laws enforced!!

    How do they make up these names for themselves? Southern Poverty Law Center?

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    Oh i am sure they are. I noticed that they had Glenn Spencer on there list along with the Minute Men. So I would say they do. But let them.

    Just every once in a While tell them Hello. LOL oh yeah give them a big smile too.
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    Yea even watching us and some Co. Reps. what a bunch of loony tones.
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