Anti-American, job-destroyer NON-immigrants H-1B visa holders are demanding fast track priority to green card status (to facilitate easy travel to and from India). At this link, of the giant subversive anti-American website, is the text of their letter writing demands to US senators and congressmen.

As we all know, most of the congress works for these visa-expansion NON-immigrant Tata employees from Bangalore.

- We want a reasonable time frame to get green card. Currently, the waiting time for China is 4 years, India is 6 years, and other countries are also 6 years if they are in EB-3 category
- We want a short term, quick fix for now, instead of a comprehensive change after a year or two years
- We are NOT asking citizenship as many Americans would think, at this stage, we only ask for permanent residence.
First of all, these H-1Bs are NON-immigrants; they claim to be the top of the food chain in intelligence - yet they need to be reminded, over and over, that they are NOT immigrants! Of course they aren't asking for citizenship, and they never will; just as leeches fall off when they're done feeding, all these H-1Bs want is our jobs and ease of travel to and from Bangalore!

Quote Originally Posted by Non-immigrant H-1B
- I have been in the US for 9 years, obeying every law
Wrong answer, Non-immigrant. You've broken 2 laws
-- Visa overstay = Illegal Alien - your visa was good for 6 years.
-- Indentured servitude - Your failure to report the crime makes you a part of the crime.

Sad part is, the majority of the senate represents these parasites.

Their fault? Maybe not; they just do as they are ordered by Tata and NASSCOM - take our jobs! The problem is with our elected officials who grovel to these NON-immigrants who don't belong here. Right, Senator Cornyn?

The solution? DEPORT NOW!

Bangalore, India
Where the "You owe us your jobs" NON-immigrant H-1Bs come from.