North Dakota AG warns of looming CRISIS at the NORTHERN BORDER

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The Republican attorney general (AG) of North Dakota has warned of a looming crisis at the northern border, saying that "the worst is yet to come."North Dakota AG Drew Wrigley issued this warning during a May 29 field hearing of the House Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security and Enforcement (IISE) held at the city of Grand Forks. The IISE subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), is under the House Judiciary Committee.
The hearing titled "The Biden Border Crisis: North Dakota Perspectives" addressed how illegal crossings at the northern border are impacting residents and communities in the Peace Garden State. Only GOP lawmakers were present during the hearing.
The representatives nevertheless heard Wrigley's warnings about illegal immigration through the north. The AG asserted that the situation, which intensified under President Joe Biden, is likely to worsen.
"The situation has deteriorated significantly in recent years, and the current situation is untenable with millions of illegal entrants streaming across America's southwest border," he said. "North Dakota is already experiencing negative law enforcement impacts due to the Biden administration's refusal to shut down the border. But my concern is that the worst is yet to come, both in terms of street crimes and national security."
According to the National Pulse, the Peace Garden State hosts 18 land ports of entry along its 310-mile stretch of the U.S.'s 5,525-mile border with Canada. Of these 18 ports, only three operate 24 hours a day.
Wrigley told GOP lawmakers present that there were 4,444 migrant encounters in fiscal year 2023, a drastic increase compared to the 2,127 in fiscal year 2022 and the measly 548 in fiscal year 2021. "Early indications are that [the numbers for] fiscal year 2024 will continue the statistical climb," he remarked. These encounters include apprehensions of illegal border crossers, individuals deemed inadmissible by U.S. border security and expulsions, the Pulse noted.
Open borders policy attracts DRUG TRAFFICKERS to North Dakota

Wrigley also noted a stark difference in drug prices at the U.S. borders. According to him, fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are available for as little as 25 cents per pill at the southwestern border. In contrast, a single fentanyl pill in North Dakota can cost between $60 and $80, making it a significant market for drug traffickers to penetrate. (Related: Mexican cartels smuggling drugs, trafficking people into Native American reservations thanks to Biden’s open border policy.)
The Republican AG wasn't the only one who testified. Jesse Jahner, sheriff of Cass County in North Dakota, also testified on behalf of the approximately 187,000 residents in his area.
The sheriff recounted that he and other officials "are starting to see changes in our communities" regarding narcotics trafficking and overdoses, mental health- and addiction-related crimes and homelessness. All of these, Jahner remarked, "are placing huge strains on our public safety infrastructure, including mental health and addiction services and incarceration capacity issues."
State-level lawmakers also participated in the hearing, including GOP State Rep. Michelle Fishbach from neighboring Minnesota. "The policies are wrong and the policies need to be changed," she told federal counterparts.
"And I will say as we listen to that, President Biden has the opportunity to change this. He can do it right now. He can change these policies. He can return to the Trump administration's policies and shut this border down. And we need to shut all of the border down, not just the southern border, but the northern border."
Pennsylvania State Rep. Mike Kelly, the co-chair of the Northern Border Security Caucus, called such hearings necessary due to the alarming border security numbers. Citing 2023 fiscal year data from Customs and Border Protection, he pointed to the 485 percent increase in encounters at the northern land border since January 2021. He also mentioned that roughly 90 percent of terror watchlist suspects entering the U.S. are being caught at the northern border ports of entry.
"Under the watch of President Biden and [Homeland Security] Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas, the northern border continues to face record illegal immigration and drug smuggling," Kelly said. "Now, their dereliction of duty has turned every state into a border state."
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