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    Norway: Former member of neo-Nazi group converts to Islam, joins the Islamic State

    Norway: Former member of neo-Nazi group converts to Islam, joins the Islamic State


    It is not really a long way from the “Nordic Resistance Movement” to the Islamic State (ISIS). Oleg Neganov was clearly in search of a what he could consider to be a great cause, and gravitated toward groups that drew a sharp Us vs. Them distinction and were inclined toward violence. Meanwhile, are Norwegian authorities looking into where and how Oleg Neganov was converted to Islam, and why he embraced a version of Islam that those same authorities, and their counterparts all over the West, dismiss as a twisted and hijacked version of the real thing? Why not?

    “Norwegian neo-Nazi charged with ISIS membership in Hewler,” by Murat Kuseyri, ANF, October 3, 2020 (thanks to Henry):
    Norwegian citizen Oleg Neganov has been sentenced to eight years in prison in Hewlêr (Erbil) in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Iraq for membership in the ISIS. According to a detailed report by the Norwegian TV and NRK radio station, the 31-year-old Russian-born regretted his actions in court and applied in vain for his extradition to Norway. He is still being held in a prison in Hewlêr.
    Neganov had been living in Norway since 2006 and was sentenced to three weeks’ juvenile detention at the age of 17 for cheque fraud. He then joined the “Nordic Resistance Movement” in Oslo and participated in the activities of the neo-Nazi group.
    According to Norwegian media he then converted to Islam and went to Syria to join the ISIS in 2014. He lost a leg in an air raid by the international coalition
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    These Domestic and Foreign Terrorists should all get the Death Penalty at sunrise...period. Their entire family that is involved in this terrorism.

    Get rid of this cancer, get them out of OUR misery. There are too damn many of them that are destroying our lives, our peace, our prosperity. They have no right to do this, put them down.

    His lost his leg, he should have lost his entire vile body.


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