Norwegian police: Street thugs rob, humiliate, and intimate teen victims

By Christoffer 5 May 2020

A new kind of street robbery is taking place Norway where victims are not only stripped of their belongings but are also forced to do humiliating acts while the perpetrators film it, according to reports.
Oslo police officer Jonas Andreassen describes a state of fear among young people in the city. The victims are robbed, beaten and humiliated, but they dare not report it to the police or even to their own parents, he says.
“The robbery victims must kiss the robbers’ shoes, look at the camera, take off their jacket, and receive punches,” Andreassen writes in Norway’s largest print newspaper Aftenposten.
In his piece, Andreassen recounts an instance where a group of three boys robbed a 15-year-old boy at knifepoint in Oslo.
Andreassen writes:
The boy was quickly contacted by his parents, who did what adults should do in such cases: They called the police.
The police were quick to identify the perpetrators, and shortly afterwards the police were at home in one of them. In his jacket pocket, police found the bell and knife displayed during the robbery. Good police work!
The patrol then contacted the parents of the boy who was robbed to tell the good news. The perpetrators were taken, the yield was secured. Then came the victim’s reaction: “****!
He was angry because his parents involved the police. And he was scared. Afraid that he must now look over his shoulder when he is out and about, afraid of reprisals from the perpetrators because he “snitched”.
If you are a youth today and are being subjected to a crime, you don’t want to tell anyone, because of you do you are a “snitch”. And then your school will talk about you being a snitch and a mother****er.”
Andreasson continues:
So what can parents say to the youth? What advice can they give? This:

  • Don’t let these guys and girls control you with threats.
  • Do not allow yourself to be the perfect victim. You have to make yourself the worst and deadliest victims out there, so the risk of being taken is much greater than the gain of the wrongdoing.
  • You have to show that you do not accept being robbed, threatened, beaten, and forced to kiss shoes, but that you instead stand up against injustice – and tell an adult.

Migrant robbers subjecting their victims to complete and utter humiliation, unfortunately, is not a particularly new phenomenon in Scandinavia. Earlier this year in February, Voice of Europe reported on two African migrant ‘youths’ who robbed a Swedish teenager at knifepoint, beat him, forced him to remove his clothes, and then urinated on him while calling him a “****ing disgusting Swede”.
In 2019, 2,500 robberies were reported against children under the age of 18 in Sweden, according to a report from Sveriges Radio.