May 27, 2007

Not all immigrants who illegally cross the border are honest

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In the flap over the latest efforts to address illegal immigration, I have read in newspapers and heard comments (on TV and radio) that these people are all honest, hardworking individuals. That statement is just as wrong as saying they are all dishonest and only here for our welfare money. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in between those two erroneous conceptions. By our own government's estimate, 10% of them are criminals, not counting their illegal border crossing. At 12 million estimated to be in our county illegally, that means about 1.2 million are criminals.

I have a cabin in the desert in eastern San Diego County that is in a small community about 30 miles from the Mexican border. We often have illegal border crossers coming through the area. They leave a huge amount of trash behind that volunteers try to clean up, but that is not the most serious problem. Our houses get broken into frequently, and it is not just from dying immigrants looking for water and food. They steal anything that they can carry away. I have lost a number of things adding up to several thousand dollars.

Since the break-in of my cabin, I secured it to make entry more difficult and anything of even slight value (including my phone and TV remote) goes into a gun safe when I leave. It cost me about $8,000, more than I lost, to secure the place, but it goes beyond monetary value, as anyone who has experienced a home burglary can attest to. It is a personal affront. Some of the homes in that area have had four or five break-ins (possibly more) if they didn't go to the steps that I did.

It angers me when I hear or read those words that they are all honest and hardworking. It isn't just one or two people who break into our homes.

In my case and others in that area, it was usually a large group of people who broke in. I estimated about a dozen people were present in my break-in, because I followed their tracks for about a half-mile across the desert. They were also apparently supplying an established camp because they took eating utensils, blankets, matches, and three flashlights (they left two that didn't have good batteries) in addition to other items of monetary value. I did eventually find my cordless phone out in the desert, 2 1/2 years after they stole it. The desert sun had not been kind to it.

I can't be accused of "Mexican bashing" here because the Border Patrol agent told me that from the size of the footprints, it looked as though they were all Asians with the exception of one,who was probably the smuggler leading them. They entered through a window only 12-by-18 without drawing any blood on the many glass shards left in the frame.

As a Border Patrol agent once told me, "People need to be aware that some very bad actors are coming across our border." Now, I don't sit outside in the evening near my cabin without my friends Smith and Wesson and Winchester. I never used to even think about doing that. Times have changed!


Rohrabacher's attacks on reform bill correct

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is so totally correct ("Rep. attacks reform bill," May 1. We have been sold out if this bill passes. The only good thing in the bill is the English-language-only mandate. The rest of the bill is an invitation to vote against anybody supporting it. Thank God for Rohrabacher — I wish he were my congressman.


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Newman wrote on May 26, 2007 9:33 PM:

" For starters, the DP descriptive "flap" intonation as regards illegal immigration carries the epic tone of condesension. That said Don, do you realize we could ERIDICATE crime in the U.S. of A. in our lifetime? TRUE STORY! One has only to follow our ignoble Senator Feinstein's lead who suggests this "legislation" be passed so we might revisit a state of "Law and Order." KEWL! Talk about your "thinking outside the box"! Now, kindly I ask, whom ever removed Di Feinstien's cheese ... please return it! "

Silverthorn wrote on May 26, 2007 8:49 AM:

" By the logic of the pro-illegal supporters if I were to commit a crime because I want a better life for myself and my family, it's not a crime and should be forgiven. It's like most of the talking points they have, it doesn't stand up to real logic. They are here to do jobs Americans won't do? You mean below minimum wage and under the table? They are honest people. Except for the border thing, identity theft, income tax evasion and many other CRIMES. For not being criminals why are so many in jail on ICE hold? "

Don Marshall wrote on May 25, 2007 2:23 PM:

" I have an issue with, "They are not all criminals, noy counting the border crossing". Using that logic, robbery is a crime, peety theft isn't. The LAW was broken by crossing the border illegally, correct, it counts. Rep. Rohrabacher, He is one of the TRUE Americans looking out for his constituents. Phyllis, correct, any politician who helps this bill does'nt NEED re-election. This illegals aren't happy with it because they must pay $5k, return home,speak English, etc. Once again if it isn't FREE they don't want it, if it was FREE they would be all over it ! "

Wesley Franklin wrote on May 23, 2007 9:42 PM:

" Food For Thought: Iraq's Learning Spanish Before Crossing to America! Page 29 "A LINE IN THE SAND CONFRONTING THE THREAT AT THE SOUTHWEST BORDER" Senator Mc Caul's 10th District Texas Website "

Ila Johnson wrote on May 23, 2007 4:28 PM:

" Oh boy. It looks like i really blew my last two posts. After reading Local's post on another article, I am convinced he/she spoke tongue in cheek with the statement "Frank.. They are just doing jobs Americans will not do......" And haven't we heard that nonsense a lot in this whole immigration debate. Our senators are betraying us with their "non amnesty bill." If you haven't done so, call your senator. And call Rohrbacher and tell him you appreciate his opposition to the proposed sell-out. Check out information on the super highway from Mexico to Canada. "

Ila Johnson wrote on May 23, 2007 4:17 PM:

" Local stated "They are just doing jobs Americans will not do." Rubbish. Our children did those jobs years ago when they were in high school and college. The U.S. got along just fine before there were 12 plus illegal immigrants here. And yes, Janet, they are all liars. And to think that is what we pay their high salaries, expense accounts and pensions for. "

Janice Gammill wrote on May 23, 2007 7:17 AM:

" Watching Cspan yesterday I listened as Kennedy said that without the 600,000 plus yearly guest worker program that the illegals would be comming anyway. Hmmmm I thought he said our borders would be secure under this bill? Liars all of them. Janice Gammill "

Local wrote on May 23, 2007 4:00 AM:

" Frank.. They are just doing jobs Americans will not do........ "

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