This Issue: Real-Time Election Night Immigration Coverage at NumbersUSA

Next Tuesday on Election Night, we will be closely following the immigration implications of the results and reporting on which winning candidates had positioned themselves with mainstreet and wage earners.

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NumbersUSA is strictly non-partisan and does not endorse any candidate. But nobody has come close to NumbersUSA's education of voters about the immigration positions of every congressional candidate through our sending of approximately 15 million candidate comparison emails this year.
Fortunately, immigration continues to be prominently in front of voters in the critical states during this campaign season. In candidate debates, moderators are asking immigration questions. NumbersUSA's television ad is airing in 10 key states, asking "Who should get the next jobs: Americans and legal immigrants already here or future immigrants?" (To view the Num bersUSA TV ad on YouTube, visit Who should get the next U.S. jobs? More new immigrants or America's jobless?)
The ad challenges voters to consider a question that used to be rarely asked of candidates or elected officials but which is popping up more and more. Our ad campaign has received media attention in hundreds of newspapers and blogs nationwide.
As Chris notes in his blog this week, in 8 of the 10 hotly contested Senate races across the country, there is a clear contrast between the positions of the opposing candidates on immigration. And in most instances, the anti-amnesty, pro-American workers candidate is leading in the polls as we head down the final stretch.
Regardless of which candidates win and which party takes control of the Senate, the threat of an Executive Amnesty rises to Code Red the morning after the election. President Obama has unabashedly promised some sort of amnesty after the election. Just this week Administration sources told the Wall Street Journal that, in addition to amnesty for possibly 1-4 million illegal aliens with family ties in the United States, the President's Executive Amnesty may include additional work permits for foreign workers and students. The Journal reports that the President hopes to create a plan that would be hard to reverse after his Presidency.
Of course, NumbersUSA will be working non-stop to block the President's amnesty plans. The first battle will likely be stopping an omnibus spending bill, since that essentially would take away Congress' power to de-fund an Executive Amnesty. The key to our success will continue to be what it has been all year -- YOU. The incredible grassroots pressure our activists have wielded this year has been an unstoppable force against the millions of dollars of the pro-amnesty crowd. Our team got even stronger this week as our NumbersUSA Facebook page crossed the one-million-fan mark. (Added to fans of our one-issue Stop Amnesty Facebook page and our registered email list, that pushes our overall activist base to more than 3 million!)
Thank you for being part of this monumental effort to change U.S. immigration policy -- together, we can win.