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Thread: NYC hotel discarding TONS OF FOOD meant for illegals

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    NYC hotel discarding TONS OF FOOD meant for illegals

    NYC hotel discarding TONS OF FOOD meant for illegals

    Sunday, January 15, 2023 by: Ramon Tomey
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    (Natural News) A hotel in New York City (NYC) is discarding tons of food originally meant for illegal immigrants. This is because the intended recipients of the food prefer a cooked meal they’re accustomed to eat in their countries of origin.
    Felipe Rodriguez, a worker at the four-star Row NYC hotel in Manhattan near Times Square, blew the whistle on the food wastage issue. Rodriguez also noted that the food meant for illegals housed in the hotel were paid for by taxpayers. “It’s a crime to be throwing out so much food,” he said.
    According to the employee, at least 40 percent of the food supplied to illegal aliens housed at the hotel – which he estimated at “almost a ton” per day – gets thrown out. Photos provided by Rodriguez showed garbage bags full of sandwiches and bagels awaiting disposal. He added that the illegals are also served fruits, peanuts, chips, juice, soda and microwaveable dinners – all on the taxpayer dime.
    “How do I know that? Because the sanitation guys go floor by floor every day, picking up the trash,” the hotel employee commented. “Before, it used to be something like six, seven bags in the back landing of each floor. Now, they’re picking up 15, 20 bags.”
    “Anything [the illegals] don’t consume is in those bags, and they’re heavy. I weighed one of the bags full of sandwiches one time, and it weighed 60 pounds. There have been times when we couldn’t take all of the garbage out because the bins were full, and I’m talking about 25, 30 bins of garbage.”
    Rodriguez lamented: “My problem is: Why are we throwing away so much food? Someone from the city should have said, ‘Let’s order less food so we throw less food out.’ But nobody cares.”
    “They want a hot meal. They don’t want sandwiches. They want a cooked meal like in their own country, and that’s a serious issue,” said Rodriguez, who began working at the hotel in 2017 after serving a 30-year prison term.
    The 1990 wrongful conviction that sent him behind bars was overturned in 2019 by a judge who called it a “miscarriage of justice.” Rodriguez continued his work at the hotel despite receiving a $5 million wrongful conviction settlement from the state in April 2022, explaining: “I get something out of going to work [and] doing something that’s purposeful.”
    “They don’t like the menu. They just don’t. They want rice and beans, plantains, tostones.”
    Fire hazard: Illegals are cooking inside hotel rooms

    The illegal immigrants’ craving for hot meals, however, poses a fire hazard to other occupants and the building itself.
    Rodriguez recalled an incident in December when he saw smoke and heard a fire alarm go off in one of the 18th-floor rooms. Despite the occupants’ insistence that it was “nothing” – he found “an old hot plate … older than his grandmother” under the bed, alongside a pot of burned rice hidden in the bathroom vanity.
    “They usually put the hot plate on the rug so that nobody can see it and it stays away from the fire alarm,” he explained to the Post. “If those polyester curtains by the windows touch that red coil, it’s over. It’s a possibility that scares the s**t out of everybody in the Row.”
    According to the hotel worker, it all started when the administration of NYC Mayor Eric Adams used the Row NYC hotel as a “humanitarian emergency response and relief center” alongside three other Manhattan hotels. (Related: NYC mayor’s top aide admits ILLEGALS are destroying the Big Apple.)
    “We were told the hotel was going to have migrants, but it was only going to be five floors, and that was it. When the hotel says that migrants were going to be a good business … they decided they weren’t going to rent for regular guests anymore. And they went and gave the city the entire hotel.”
    Watch former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik comment on the Big Apple’s plan to house illegal aliens in luxury hotels such as the Row below.

    This video is from the GalacticStorm channel on
    More related stories:

    NYC announces health care coverage for all illegals, guaranteeing a financial implosion while attracting diseased migrants from across the country.
    Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $155 billion per year… building a wall could pay for itself almost immediately
    WAVES of migrant caravans now targeting the United States in escalation of human invasions.
    Sources include:

    NYC hotel discarding TONS OF FOOD meant for illegals –
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    This is a disgrace. What benefits does this provide to America or its citizens? Nothing but abuse of generosity and criminal acts continue.

    “Spitting in the eye” of our nation. No love of this country.
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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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