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    Obama Offers Phony Solution to Phony ‘Climate Change

    Tpic - The President.

    Obama Offers Phony Solution to Phony ‘Climate Change

    Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

    by STEVE MILLOY30 Nov 2015

    President Obama’s new solution to the alleged catastrophic global warming problem is a phony as the “problem” itself.

    Obama announced the U.S. Government would participate with a group of billionaires in a public-private partnership called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. The ostensible purpose of the Coalition is speed up development of “clean” and “renewable” energy via a doubling of investment into research.But first, there is the little matter of this thing called Congress. Government spending must be initiated and approved by Congress. There is no indication that the GOP-controlled Congress is in any mood to help Obama, especially on climate, or to spend even more taxpayer money chasing CO2-free energy fantasies.

    Next, there is the little matter of reality. U.S. taxpayers have already spent about $200 billion over the last 20 or so years chasing the CO2-free energy fantasy. The only result has been the stark realization that, with the exception of hydropower, CO2-free energies simply cannot compete on an affordable and reliable basis with coal, oil and natural gas. “Renewable” energy is only as renewable as the government mandates and heavy taxpayer subsidies on which they rely.

    Finally, there is the roster of scoundrels participating in the Coalition.

    Not only is George Soros a major funder of radical left wing political causes, including global warming hysteria, he has cynically started investing in coal companies, as reported last summer in this column. Needless to say, coal is hardly a “breakthrough” form of energy.

    Tom Steyer is not only a major Democrat donor, but a major funder of global warming hysteria. Steyer infamously committed to spending $100 million to campaign against Republicans on climate during the 2014 elections. I’m sure the GOP-controlled Congress will be very happy to provide taxpayer dollars so that the billionaire Steyer can make even more money. Let’s also keep in mind that the hypocrite Steyer made a lot of his fortune investing in Indonesian coal projects.

    Less well known, but no less a scoundrel, is Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, a key player in the cellulosic ethanol taxpayer disaster. As exposed by the Wall Street Journal, Khosla backed ventures vacuumed up $160 million in taxpayer subsides, which along with a like sum from private sources, produced a pathetic 4 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol – a fuel already being produced via mandates and subsidies to corn farmers.

    The Breakthrough Energy Coalition also includes John Doerr (Al Gore’s investment partner in the venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins Caufield and Byers), Richard Branson (billionaire green hypocrite and owner of CO2 spewing Virgin Airways), the government of Saudi Arabia (national wealth depends on oil and gas), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook, enough said), and Bill Gates (whose once brilliant business acumen expired long ago and has been replaced with the naďve and egoistic belief that simply throwing Gates Foundation money at problems is always the solution).

    The Breakthrough Energy Coalition exercise is silly. If utility scale CO2-free energy is desired, we already have nuclear power. But not only do environmentalists oppose nuclear power, President Obama himself made sure nuclear power would have no future in the U.S. when he killed development of the spent fuel storage facility at Yucca Mountain in 2009. And for the foreseeable future, nuclear fission remains a pipe dream.

    Meanwhile, real energy needs across the world are being met by the old technology of coal. More than 1,000 new coal plants are on the drawing boards in Asia. As coal is cheap and readily available, those plants will go up and will operate for a long time. New and practically never-ending supplies of oil and natural gas have also been made available by hydrofracturing and other new technologies.

    While it’s always possible that some other magical energy source will be discovered, it’s difficult to believe that the dubious Breakthrough Energy coalition would discover it. Indeed, the Coalition will be lucky itself to get off the ground. At best, the Coalition may only most likely serve as a vehicle for crony capitalism, the left-wing political agenda, and feel-good public relations.

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    A lot to be said for the article but a lot is missing. Big coal, oil and gas are some of the most profitable businesses with the most of the highest earnings quarterly; they do not pay taxes AND they are given taxpayer funded subsidies. FOR WHAT? And they lobby to remove and stop all subsidies for clean energy modalities. They have hidden since the 70's facts of their damage to the atmosphere and the accompanying toxicity, disease, cancer, death to humans, children included. Want more "race for the cure events"?

    Louisiana looses a football field size of land every hour. 10,000 hospital laboratory animals were drowned when NYC was flooded in a recent year.

    Denmark is 50% clean wind energy NOW, 70% in 2020 and 100% by 2050. Hawaii will be 100% solar. Virgin airlines is developing other airplane fueling sources as airplanes use a very high and polluting fuel. India, which still uses leaded gasoline that will blacken your white t shirt from an hour ride on a motorcycle, has been building solar grids in villages and school children have access to clean light sources to do homework instead of polluting kerosene.

    Thankful for any breakthroughs and products other than big coal, gas and oil. And thank GOD some of our Eastern states have denied oil drilling along the east coast. Nothing wrong with promoting and nurturing clean energy sources - plenty of jobs with NO toxicity - unless of course you own a lot of stock in dirty energy forms or your a Koch brother making billions by creating asthmatic children and deaths.
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    Lets just say for a minute that climate change is real and we as human's are causing it. Now how does putting severe limits on ourselves with less severe limits on other countries while some of the very worst have NO limits help us at all? All it does is hurt our country, our economy, and our jobs because their will always be other countries willing throw it to the side over immediate profit and growth. THIS is what the liberals don't get, we may effect ourselves but we cannot force change on others yet in doing so we hurt our people immediately.

    Now IF we wanted to say climate change is real and then focus on real changes it should include severe punishments to any country that doesn't follow the exact same standard and enforce it strictly with punishments such as refusing visa's, trade, and banking with the countries signed on to it. After all a country has the right to accept or refuse business with whatever other country they please. The lack of this sort of talk is what makes it sound like they really don't think Climate Change is real but instead are looking at another form of *Change* and using the naturally shifting climate which *maybe* we are effecting as an excuse. The change that would be is redistributing wealth between entire countries harming the rich, smart, and innovative to give away to poor, uneducated, and often clueless countries.

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