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Thread: Obama Wire-Tapped Trump at Trump Tower Before the Election!!

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    So, after an exhaustive INTEL investigation of Russian hacking and collusion with the Trump campaign for almost 2 years, Clapper announces today that there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE of "collusion between the Russians and the Trump Campaign" as of the date he left government, which was on the day President Trump was inaugurated, January 20, 2017.

    So why was Senator Sessions being asked about campaign contacts with the Russians in his Senate hearing? Why is Carter Page's name being bounced around like a ball on a beach during a storm about ties with Russia? Why was Paul Manafort accused last summer of taking bribes and illegal payments from the Russians through his work in Ukraine? Why is Jared Kushner under some type of suspicion because he and Mike Flynn met at Trump Tower with the Ambassador of Russia after the election? Why was Mike Flynn's name released for having a phone call with the Ambassador of Russia during the transition that was monitored by NSA?

    As of January 20, 2017, there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE of collusion between the Russians and Trump campaign staff to tip the election. Yet, the US Congress Democrats are calling for investigations, some even calling for impeachment, some calling Trump guilty of espionage. And where are Republicans? Well, some are out there calling FOUL and WRONG!! While others "want more answers", "more information."

    It's to me like asking scientists "how big is planet Zutibird?" And when they reply "There is no planet Zutibird." only to have Democrats attack them for DENIALS of even the existence of a planet Zutibird while Republicans decide to investigate whether or not there is a planet Zutibird somewhere, using US taxpayers to underwrite the complete absurdity.
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    Kevin Lewis' statement only denies obama ordered it......Was not a denial of the wiretap happening - many ways to avoid being on record as the orderer too like having DOJ do it as "part of an investigation".
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    Obama Admin Source Confirms Wiretapping Was Conducted (VIDEO)

    Cristina Laila Mar 4th, 2017 9:18 pm 524 Comments

    Obama officials caught lying AGAIN.

    A source inside the Obama administration acknowledged that wiretapping was conducted to spy on Trump during the 2016 Presidential election.
    Democrat Kathy Arue:My sources from the White House told me, she thinks it’s all true. She said, um there were concerns that Trump-and this is from the White House and the administration inside the White House…there were concerns that Trump and his surrogates may have been colluding with the Russians and a possible bargaining chip to influence the election, therefore a wiretap was conducted.”
    That’s a load of crap.
    The Obama administration knew there were no Trump ties to Russia that is just the excuse they are using now to try to cover for their illegal activity.
    Lock him up!
    Obama LIED again. White House sources acknowledge wiretapping is TRUE. Disgusting. Fight back @POTUS
    — TruthMatters (@JeffMontes5) March 5, 2017
    Here is the full video from Watters’ World
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