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    One Green Card holder from Mexico's opinion ... /n0074.txt
    a_Mexicans_Opinion wrote on March 15, 2006 7:16 PM:"Born and Raised in Mexico, still a citizen of Mexico and a green card holder, I was offered a job by a national hotel company in 1989 and crossed in to the US legally. Yet, I am completely opposed to illegal imigration. 1. It's a crime to cross into the US illegally just like it is a crime to do so in Mexico (usually for Central Americans) any central american that is caught crossing illegally into Mexico is deported back to their country of origin. Of course laws change in Mexico like people change their underwear, I am assuming this is still law unless some socialist "politico" has stirred the clueless masses into a frenzy. Regardless, this is typical of the mexican way of doing things, duplicity is the norm because, corruption and the influence of special interests at ALL levels of government from the Alcalde's all the way to the Presidente himself...getting off the opinion is and has been since I was a child that illegal imigration has to be stopped on BOTH sides of the border...the US has to close the border and force people to use legal means of crossing the border including fingerprinting, biometrics and picture ID's, placing the military or reserves at the border and enforcing it's laws is the United States best chance for this long range goal to be achieved. Unfortunately in Mexico weak leadership and the unwillingnes to pursue this CRIME (as I said it is a CRIME in Mexico too! look it up!) is not only a SHAME but is aiding and abetting this illegal action and all of its consequences, including up to fostering crime, gang activity, prostitution, drug trafficking, murder and rape. Because of all Mexican politicans "blind eye" attitude towards this problem the only way any citizen of this country can feel secure about its border is with determined action and getting their own politicians to MOVE on this issue immediately. Imigration laws were set up not to bring a mass of uneducated, unskilled and unmotivated workers with deficient educations but instead to bring the BEST and BRIGHTEST to the US and make the US a much greater country than it already is...current illegal imigration is deteriorating public and state services, bleeding local and state cofers and increasing the daily living costs of people with a genuine reason for being in this country. Illegal imigrants are not the poor hapless and economically strapped indigents that they portray themselves to be, instead they are a group of opportunists who see the lack of vigilance and determination to enforce some basic tennents of the rules of LAW and decency. Very much like when some one sneaks into a a second showing at a movie theatre through the rear exit door after purchasing one movie ticket. It's high steak CHEATING of the worst sort and especially when things go deadly wrong...its typical to find illegal imigrants fight tooth and nail for their "rights" which is ridiculous because as non-citizens they under commom sense should have no RIGHTS! Criminals should be placed in Jail and be readied for processing to be deported like any and all common criminals. Illegal imigration makes all the efforts of those of us who did it legally seem like a meaningless excercise...what was the point of doing things the right way??? FMS"

    This is the problem right here folks. Here is a guy that wants to be a lawful citizen and is upset with our Governments twisting and ignoring of the rule of law.
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    I REALLY like this guy.
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    El Presidente Arbusto,

    When you speak of values that 'don't stop at the Rio Grande', when you speak of 'honest, hard-working people', when you speak of 'a nation of immigrants', would you PLEASE realize that those you describe, such as this person here, are the ones that you should be LISTENING to.

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