Carter basically fumbled immigration reform by the end of his presidency. He had, as president Bush had done, underestimated the American peoples desire to see the nation adhere to the rule of law. Even tho' the main stream media had supported his efforts, there were a substantial number of Congressmen and Senators on both sides of the aisle that demanded no amnesty, no caving-in to the whims of foreign lobbyists, communists, open borders zealots and the agri-lobby. We all remember when President Bush saw the writing on the wall with the opposition to amnesty, he charged Americans as racist, had his slander websites (free republic) and media outlets purge anyone opposed to amnesty, called on his rhino mouthpieces – like Bill O'Reilly- to move away from covering illegal alien issues, attacked his very own constituency as un-patriotic and attempted to ostracize any opposition by labeling them as protectionist or vigilantes. He had the RNC consultants talk with the illegal alien/open borders lobby to come up with a game plan that would hide their rabid anti-Americanism, one aspect of which was to purchase them American flags and he constantly met with extremist President Vincente Fox, allowing him to travel freely around the US to convince the illegals currently here to remain. Part of his pro-Mexican government campaign was to allow Mexican consulates to give Mexican textbooks to school children, meet with illegals and prep them before they are interrogated and assist illegals in crossing over into the United States. Bush's pattern of behavior is guided by the global corps and collectivist lobby that has gained steam and financing since Carter made his moves to spin the illegal alien lobby into some sort of human rights/ civil rights movement.

The Illegal Alien Issue became covered in toxic goo one year before 3 Mile Island. Carter failed with his previous recommendations to Congress. In a childish tantrum and anger at the American people, Carter decided to use a political tactic and make the illegal alien movement “untouchable,