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Thread: Patriots Protesting with American Flags Blasted as “Racist A-Holes”:

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    Patriots Protesting with American Flags Blasted as “Racist A-Holes”:

    Patriots Protesting with American Flags Blasted as “Racist A-Holes”: “What’s Wrong with these White People?” - Freedom Outpost

    Patriots Protesting with American Flags Blasted as “Racist A-Holes”: “What’s Wrong with these White People?”

    Mac Slavo May 5, 2014

    Apparently there are a good number of people living in The United States of America who consider waving the Star Spangled Banner a racist act.

    So say scores of Twitter users responding to Americans demonstrating in front of a local California high school.

    Paul Joseph Watson of provides some background:
    A protest against a California school district’s decision to ban the wearing of American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo has begun this morning, with demonstrators displaying large flags and banners outside Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill.

    The demonstration stems from an incident in 2010 when four students at the school were told by assistant principal Miguel Rodriguez to turn their shirts inside out or go home because the American flag designs were seen as “offensive” to Mexican students on Cinco de Mayo, a day on which Mexicans celebrate their heritage.

    The incident led to a lawsuit, Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School District, in which students claimed their First Amendment rights had been violated. However, in February the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the school, asserting that the threat of racial violence as a result of the t-shirts trumped the right to free speech. The case is set to be heard by 11 judges after another appeal was filed.

    The 9th Circuit’s decision essentially says that, should a threat of potential violence exist because of unpopular speech or protests, it is no longer within your Constitutional rights to publicly assemble.

    And where does the threat originate? Certainly not from the protesters, who are peacefully assembling in a public place and exercising their First Amendment rights.

    The 9th Circuit sided with these people, who took to Twitter to blast not only the demonstrators as racists, but the American flag itself:

    What’s wrong with these white people holding up American flags in Morgan hill??? Racist assholes smh—
    gia lee (@geetothelee) May 05, 2014

    (This tweet has since been removed by the user)

    @deportmonaeltah I’m a us citizen you dumb bitch . **** USA . I rather support any other country besides this racist one !!!!!!! — Ivan Mora (@IvanMora86) May 5, 2014

    Al_Bondigas @tichie Follow
    Hey Folks in Morgan Hill. You have some racist neighbors. You need to check those tea party assholes.
    7:45 AM - 5 May 2014

    But it wasn’t all one side, as other users stepped in to defend the actions of those at Live Oak High School:

    mbnick20 hours ago It is good that this is reported as it shows that these illegal's have NO desire to be US Citizens. All they want is stuff. Solution to stop these law breaking moochers? Shut off the stuff!!
    Nov. is coming

    Indeed. Este es America, right?

    Tweets via Twitchy
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    There are more tweets at the site but I warn you some are pretty vile...This is the kind of people our Government wants to allow in here?? Imagine what other kind they are letting in that we don't know of??? It sure would be nice if just one of them would explain why!! In the mean time Patriots are called names for carrying an American flag...Wake Up America!!

    It is all about Free Free Free "STUFF" Nothing else!!!! Cinco de mayo back at ya!!
    Remember the door swings both ways oh wait I forgot you didn't have a door!

    You know what is sad, these people make it very hard for the good ones who come here through the right channels, LEGALLY!
    Maybe it is time they clean their own house..

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