Paul Ryan Kills Another Innocent American

4/21/2016 | George Rasley
4/21/2016, 6:03:24 AM by xzins

Last November, the day before the Muslim terrorist attack in Mali that killed 27 innocent civilians, including one American, former Peace Corps volunteer Anita Datar, Republican Speaker of the
House Paul Ryan shot down the idea of a religious test for refugees coming to America at taxpayer expense.

Ryan said, "We will not have a religious test, only a security test," before touting his bill, the SAFE ACT of 2015, that allegedly gave extra scrutiny to those “refugees” coming to the U.S. from
Syria and Iraq.

Paul RyanAs we pointed out at the time, the bill was nothing more than a show vote that did nothing to provide Americans with extra security against the culture of jihad endemic to the
Islamic world, and now another innocent American – John Stanley of Dearborn, Michigan – has paid the price for Paul Ryan’s arrogance.

Mr. Stanley, a respected photographer and educator in Dearborn, was found brutally murdered in an alleyway behind his photography studio on Monday and the suspect in custody is
Aabid Hameed, a Syrian “refugee” who was resettled in Dearborn in 2014.

Officials did not comment on a possible motive, but speculation among people close to the victim say the killing may be in relation to Stanley’s anti-Islam activism. “He cared about not
letting terrorists into the country,” said a family member who asked to remain anonymous, “I believe he was murdered because he was a proud Christian American, fighting to keep possible
terrorists out of the country.”

No doubt Speaker Ryan will argue that Hameed came to America before he was Speaker, but Ryan was elected in 1998 and supported the vast increase in refugee resettlement from the
Middle East in every budget he produced as Budget Committee Chairman – the Boston Bombers and Aabid Hameed are merely the tip of the iceberg of the hundreds of thousands of Muslim
“refugees” Paul Ryan brought to America at taxpayer expense.

And as Speaker, Paul Ryan led the charge against including any defund or restriction on the refugee program in the December 2015 Omnibus wrongly claiming at the time that restricting
Muslim immigration to America was “unconstitutional.”

Ryan’s cynical ploy to keep funds flowing to the Syrian refugee threat was reminiscent of the ploy used by his mentor, former Speaker John Boehner, to keep the funds flowing to Obama’s
“executive amnesty” for illegal aliens program.

As we concluded in our columns “Homegrown Muslim Terrorism Fueled By Obama – Bush Immigration System,” “America's Suicidal Muslim Immigration Policies,” “Importing Jihad” and
“Why Do We Let These Vipers Into America?” Islam, as it is today practiced by millions of Muslims across the globe, is inimical to the separation of church and state and government based
on constitutional liberty. We are in a war of ideas, not just with radical Islamists, but with concepts deeply embedded in Muslim culture. And as long as mass legal (and illegal) immigration from
Muslim countries continues unabated we are losing that war.

Ryan’s embrace of political correctness and his abject refusal to acknowledge that the threat America needs to guard against is jihad – Islamist-inspired terrorism – defies the obvious facts
on the ground.

And it arrogantly defies the American people who rightly fear that Paul Ryan is using our government and our tax dollars to bring more dangerous Islamist security threats to a neighborhood
near you.
A nationwide survey of 2016 likely general election voters conducted by McLaughlin & Associates* for our friends at found that more than 4 out of 5 voters, 84%, 
categorize immigration from the Middle East to the United States as “Dangerous.” 

Not only that, but those surveyed firmly rejected the idea that Americans have a moral obligation to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.

Responding to the questions, “Syria is engulfed by a deadly civil war. There are estimates that hundreds of thousands of people have died because of this fighting. Do you feel it is our moral
duty to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees?” Only 1 in 4 Americans said they believe it is our moral duty to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.

The majority of Americans, 56%, say no, it is not our moral duty, with another 19% saying they didn’t know. Only a plurality of self-described liberals, 48%, said that it was our moral duty to
resettle tens of thousands of refugees. The majority of moderates (57%) and conservatives (73%) said it was not.

With the politics of stopping Obama’s dangerous scheme to import jihad to America so firmly and obviously in favor of defunding it you’d think the policy would be easy – but not to Speaker
Paul Ryan.

In 2015, under Paul Ryan’s leadership, Congress ended-up giving Obama MORE than his original budget request for refugee resettlement – Ryan funded the broader resettlement program at
$1.67 billion – a substantial increase.

Establishment Republicans befuddled by why the 2016 Republican presidential nominating process is being dominated by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump need look no further than Paul Ryan’s
phony claims that he would pass a law to force Obama to conduct a security investigation on each of the refugees he brings to America at taxpayer expense.

And as this year’s budget process falls further and further behind, Speaker Ryan perversely and dangerously continues to support funding for this existential threat to your life and
constitutional liberty.

Back in November of 2015 as the Omnibus was coming together under Speaker Ryan’s leadership we urged CHQ readers to call their Representative and Senators and tell them they understood
that the SAFE Act of 2015 was nothing but a "show vote."

We then asked CHQ readers to tell Speaker Ryan and Republicans in Congress that if they fund Obama’s dangerous Syrian “refugee” program they own it. We said, “Tell them that if they fund
the program that brings jihad to America then they are complicit in the murder and bloodshed that will surely follow.”

Paul Ryan, you and arrogant politicians like you are responsible for John Stanley’s murder, and the many that will undoubtedly follow, because you used our tax dollars to bring jihadi murders
like Aabid Hameed to America and your cowardice and political correctness allows them to stay. And you want another term in Congress?