By: Ben Marquis on May 26, 2016 at 1:31pm
PHOTO: CNN Shows Trump Tweet Live, Then Viewers Notice Sick Thing Underneath

It is indisputable that the mainstream media have been largely hostile from the very beginning toward the candidacy of billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

Despite the constant media attacks, or perhaps even because of their blatant hostility, Trump has become even more popular with the American electorate, so much so that he has set the record for the most primary votes and essentially secured the nomination of the GOP already.

That hasn’t stopped the underhanded attacks against Trump from the media, particularly CNN, which recently revealed how it felt about Trump by showing one of his tweets live on air … along with a crude comment from one of his detractors underneath the tweet. (Warning: That crude comment is pictured below.)

Washington Examiner reporter T. Becket Adams posted a screenshot of what CNN had done to his own Twitter, writing, “CNN really needs to be more careful about choosing which tweets are shown on air. NSFW warning.”

Underneath Trump’s tweet regarding his successful campaign rally in New Mexico, someone named “Parker” bearing an avatar of socialist Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders asked, “Does your c*** match your skin color? Like, is it orange?”

That is downright despicable, and there is literally no excuse for CNN allowing a comment like that to be aired on live TV.

This was either done deliberately to take a cheap shot at Trump, or it somehow made it past the screeners tasked with making sure things like that don’t make it on air, proving CNN is either fully in the tank against

Trump or utterly incompetent at running a news organization. Or maybe both.

The prior statement is really a moot point though, as we already know where CNN stands heading into the general election, where Trump will most likely face the darling of the Clinton News Network, Hillary Clinton herself.

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PHOTO: CNN Shows Trump Tweet Live, Then Viewers Notice Sick Thing Underneath