Police in Hammond, Indiana discover 13 migrants HIDING in the basement of an apartment building

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Thirteen migrants were found living in the basement of an apartment building in Hammond, Indiana after police discovered them while responding to a 911 call on April 2.Hammond Police Department (HPD) officers discovered the migrants at 1100 block of Indiana Street while investigating the alleged overdose death of a resident at the apartment building. An upstairs resident informed the officers that there were 13 individuals living in the basement of the premises.
Upon investigating the basement, police officers reported that they discovered 13 occupants, including nine children between two months and 14 years old, two adult women and two adult men. All of the hiding migrants were from Venezuela.
The HPD dispatched officers from its Code Enforcement Division, who shared that they also identified several code violations that made the home a hazard to its residents and the surrounding community. The police officers said the violations included overloaded extension cords, along with inadequate exits, windows and walls.
Because of the inspection, the residence was considered uninhabitable. The occupants were also issued a notice to vacate the premises within 10 days.
Kelly Kearney, head of the city’s Department of Inspections, advised that this type of illegal basement apartment puts "people at extreme risk and danger, with owners often preying on marginalized people and those without means to find other adequate housing." (Related: Deadly new “ISO” drugs on the streets of San Francisco now a leading cause of overdose deaths.)
Further investigation revealed that a local member of the clergy organized the living arrangements for the 13 illegal aliens from Venezuela. The suspected clergy member was not named because he had not been charged with a crime yet.
Hammond Mayor Thomas M. McDermott Jr. said if the investigation reveals that the clergy member thought that he could send 13 undocumented illegal aliens to live in an illegal basement apartment in the city, he will ensure that the suspect will be held responsible for his actions.
"The City of Hammond is not open to this type of illegal criminal activity and [he has] placed people in significant harm, including children," added McDermott. The HPD is investigating the matter and said that officers will be working with relevant federal authorities to address any potential immigration law violations.
It is not yet certain if the City of Hammond will help relocate the 13 Venezuelans after issuing a 10-day notice to leave the premises. City officials also added that they will know more after a follow-up inspection is conducted on April 12.
Illegal migrants also discovered hiding in New York City flop house

Unfortunately, Hammond isn't the only city where large numbers of illegal aliens have been found hiding in small spaces and unsanitary living conditions.
In March, New York City building inspectors discovered an illegal flop house for migrants where illegal aliens were living in the cramped basement of a Queens furniture store.
The inspectors discovered the illegal boarding house when they were called to 132-02 Liberty Avenue in South Richmond Hill to investigate reports of a large and dangerous collection of e-bike batteries.
Initially believing that they found 40 migrants at the location, officers were shocked to discover that the true number was twice that. Fire officials said the migrants, mostly from Senegal, were taking turns to sleep because of the lack of space in the area.
An investigation revealed that Ebou Sarr, the building's owner, is also an immigrant and was charging the illegals $300 a month to live in the flop house.
Visit OpenBorders.news for more stories about the adverse effects of illegal migration in the United States.
Watch this clip from "The Breanna Morello" show as the host talks to guest Mike Lipetri about how illegal aliens have become squatters and hide guns in a New York home.

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