Take the poll: should we fortify our border w/Mexico?

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What should we do to stop illegal immigration from Mexico?
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Increase border agents
Prosecute companies that hire illegals
Build a wall
Change immigration policy
Keep the status quo
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Stopping illegal immigration, especially at the Mexico border, is one of Bill O'Reilly pet issues. He has gone as far as criticizing President Bush to his face during an election interview last fall on immigration policy.

Here's his case:
There are 11 million illegal immigrants, of which approximately 6 million came likely came across the US-Mexico border, in the US - that's a large problem
Armed borders have worked in the past (think: North Korea)
There are no viable alternatives to an armed border (e.g., vague calls for "comprehensive immigration policy" won't work)
Real terrorists could be exploiting this border to enter the US with WMD, now or in the near future
Are you concerned about illegal immigration? Is this concern principally about jobs or about national security? Do you think that fortifying the border would work? Are there any concrete alternatives that might stem the tide and secure our country?

Here's my view: arming our border won't work, because we are not prepared to shoot. This is a key difference with armed borders to keep out enemies, like in North Korea. Perhaps we can limit the number of illegal migrant workers through better immigration policy, and as has been mentioned on e-thePeople in the past, cracking down on employers of illegal immigrants. But the security problem is important and thorny. I just don't see how we can stop determined enemies from entering our large, porous borders.

I look forward to your opinions.

- Mike
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