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Thread: Poll: Terror, illegal immigration drive Trump voters, 88% want wall

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    Poll: Terror, illegal immigration drive Trump voters, 88% want wall

    By PAUL BEDARD • 5/31/16 4:45 PM

    Republican Donald Trump has tapped into new issues like the fear of terrorism and problems of illegal immigration driving American voters who for years have focused mostly on the economy, according to a new survey that helps to identify his winning issues.

    A new Economist/YouGov survey also finds that his focus on terrorism has driven a surge in concern about an attack and terror now rivals the economy as the top issue among all voters.

    The survey finds that issues driving Trump voters are sometimes different than those for other Republicans and Democrats. Among non-Trump Republicans, traditional social issues like abortion are key and among Democrats the economy and Social Security top terror and immigration.

    But Trump has found key issues that millions of other voters are worried about and it has pushed him into the GOP nomination.

    According to the survey:

    — More than half of Trump supporters today look at illegal immigration as a very serious problem in their communities, compared with 17 percent overall.

    — Two-thirds of Trump supporters now believe illegal immigrants are more likely to commit violent crimes, compared with 29 percent overall and 54 percent of all GOP voters.

    — Half think the chances of a terrorist attack in the next 12 months are "very likely" compared with one quarter overall.

    — 56 percent think more than half of all Muslim worldwide support ISIS, compared with 28 percent overall.

    — 88 percent accept his characterization of Mexican immigrants, made at his presidential announcement, as "having lots of problems…bringing drugs…bringing crime…rapists."

    — 94 percent of Trump's supporters don't think the United States should accept Syrian refugees who are Muslim – and 59 percent wouldn't accept Syrian refugees who are Christian (most other Republicans and Democrats would).

    — 88 percent would construct a wall along the border with Mexico, and 69 percent believe illegal immigrants now in the U.S. should be required to leave.
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    National poll: Trump nearly even with Clinton

    By NICK GASS 05/31/16 06:23 AM EDT

    Donald Trump has nearly pulled even with Hillary Clinton, according to the results of the NBC News/SurveyMonkey weekly tracking poll released Tuesday.

    While Clinton is looking to wrap up the Democratic nomination with a strong performance in the final group of states on June 7, her advantage in a hypothetical matchup against the Republican nominee has dwindled by the week. Over the last seven days, Clinton led

    Trump 47 percent to 45 percent, with the Manhattan businessman drawing 2 points closer since the last weekly survey.

    Story Continued Below

    Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders maintained a 12-point lead over Trump in a hypothetical head-to-head general election contest, 52 percent to 40 percent.

    The poll was conducted May 23-29, surveying 12,969 registered voters online with a margin of plus or minus 1.2 percentage points.

    National poll: Trump nearly even with Clinton - POLITICO

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    Your post Jean show more the reality because we see American people don't feels safe anymore while before they're open mind for immigration and wanted to secure as much people they could now the world will understand the dark side of mass immigration and the danger to be rule by these politicians who organize it
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    We need to build The Wall, stop the human trafficking, diseases, terrorists, drugs and gangs from entering our Country. Cut off all freebies and no anchor babies, no more Cuban's, E-verify will solve a lot of the problem as well as cut off all Federal Funding to Sanctuary Cities.

    This should be turned into a Military operation..."Operation Return to Sender". No papers, no entry. All minors handed over into the care and custody of THEIR Embassy to find their parents, pay the costs and deport them. They all lie to come here. No amnesty, no refugee, no asylum from anywhere. Time to go fix your own country.

    If Mexico and US wanted these cartels stopped...send in special troops, send over SWAT from both countries and do a sweep of the areas they control and get rid of them. Call them what they are...domestic terrorists.
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