"Quiet Campaign" to Get GOP to Punish Christians

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Mark Horne

The Washington Post is writing posts for some imaginary world where we don’t all already see that there is a massive push to get the Republican Party to abandon real marriage in favor of a doppelganger that includes same sex pretensions. Today: “Gay rights supporters wage a quiet campaign to push Republicans to the middle.” Quiet? Then how come we all know about it?

Newsflash: the Republican Party is already in the middle. Most Republicans I know of want nothing to do with reinstating anti-sodomy laws. Nor do they want to spend political capital preaching on the (im)morality of homosexuality. There are exceptions. But there are also Republicans who favor homosexual marriage. So why move the party further toward pro-homosexuality? How is that “the middle”?
But a powerful group of Republican donors, who see the GOP’s staunch opposition to gay rights as a major problem, is trying to push the party toward a more welcoming middle ground — where candidates who oppose marriage rights can do so without seeming hateful.

That last clause sounds hopeful. But I have to ask what rights do Republicans oppose? The only thing they can possibly be referring to is the right to force all other people in the nation to re-define marriage and to force businesses to conform to their will. There are still cake-decorators and wedding photographers in the United States who haven’t been forced to pretend that homosexual marriage exists and the Republican Party needs to get on board with hunting them down and punishing them. Isn’t America a great country?

And the last clause is deceptive. The homosexual lobby is committed to portraying all opposition and all Biblical Christianity as hateful. It isn’t something that the genuinely ethical Republicans (by “ethical” here I mean opposed to homosexual fake marriage) can fix on their part.

The behind-the-scenes effort is being led largely by GOP mega-donor Paul Singer, a hedge fund executive whose son is gay, and former Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman, who revealed his homosexuality in 2010, long after he had left the GOP leadership.

Singer’s advocacy group, the American Unity Fund, has been quietly prodding Republican lawmakers to take a first step toward backing gay rights by voting for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The measure, which is expected to come to the full Senate for a vote as early as this month, would ban workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

So that’s the “middle of the road” position. Force Christians to violate their consciences and use the legal system to punish them for their preferences. Don’t misunderstand. I think a Christian employer has the freedom to hire an unrepentant porn user, heterosexual philanderer, practicing homosexual, or anyone else with whom he believe he can work in a peaceful, tolerant, and cooperative manner (see First Corinthians 5.9-12). But that is his decision (just like an unbeliever should be free to hire fellow atheists and avoid hiring Christians), not the decision of judges or bureaucrats.

By including “gender identity,” the bill basically sets us up for thought control so that Christians are required to support the delusions and self-destruction of self-loathing people who want to mutilate themselves. Welcome to legally protected restroom sexual harassment in every workplace.
That’s not a moderate position. It is slavery, totalitarianism, and hate. It ought to be tossed out of the GOP and out of the country.

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