January 9, 2016
By Ronald Cherry

It is frequently stated that the United States is a nation of immigrants, but while that was once true, it is no longer true. We were a nation of immigrants during the 17th and 18th centuries, when the European immigrant to American population ratio, outside American Indians, was initially 100%. Even the American Indians were initially immigrants from Asia. The history of every nation outside the African Rift Valley reveals that its early inhabitants were immigrants from somewhere else – true for England, France, Russia, India, China, Japan, etc. The ratio of immigrant to existing American population during the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries has been fairly low, reflecting the truth that we are no longer a nation of immigrants. The United States is now a nation primarily of natural-born Americans, just as China is a nation primarily of natural-born Chinese.

Immigrant to American Population Ratio:

1607-1622 (Jamestown & Plymouth): 100%

1830: 0.18%

1870: 1.0%

1910: 1.1%

1950: 0.16%

1990: 0.62%

2010: 0.34%

In the early years, the United States was underpopulated and was thus a nation in need of mass immigration, but with 323 million people, we are no longer underpopulated, so the United States no longer needs mass immigration.

As Thomas Jefferson stated, rightful individual human liberty is limited by the equal rights of the other people around us, so if we are jammed together like sardines, our freedom of action becomes very limited. Envision 100 people moving freely in three dimensions within the Superdome, each person having nearly unobstructed action according to his will, even within limits drawn around each of them by the equal rights of the others who are moving about. Now envision 1,000,000 people rubbing and bouncing against each other in the same venue. Like gumballs in a jar, each person is now extremely limited in his liberty, each obstructed in his action within tight limits drawn around him by the equal rights of the vast array of others.

America needed massive immigration in prior ages, when the nation was young and underpopulated, but times have changed. I do not want my children and grandchildren to live like ants in an overpopulated ant colony. Overpopulation stresses the environment and mathematically reduces individual human liberty, and thereby violates the individual's natural right to the pursuit of happiness, and tends a society toward totalitarian government – all of which is immoral and wrong.

The age of massive immigration (legal and illegal) to the United States is over. It is not immoral or wrong to oppose immigration in the quality and on the scale that now exists in the United States, and especially for immigrants who have been raised with a mentality of serflike submission to a Socialist Big Brother or to totalitarian Islamic sharia law. I do not want any further Muslim immigration because their religion contains a totalitarian political ideology opposed to the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. We are also now saturated with illegal Mexican immigrants who have become a drain on hardworking American taxpayers.

What should be done to help protect our nation from overpopulation, the importation of a totalitarian Islamic political system, and the economic drag of millions of government dependents? First of all, Congress should revoke the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, followed by a federal law that limits immigration to a trickle. We may need certain highly talented individuals to immigrate here, and we should be a haven for a few refugees fleeing for their lives, but mass immigration must end, because it has come to the point where immigration is harming natural-born Americans. Additionally, all immigrants to the United States must be required to swear obedience to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, because even more than our great flag, that is the essence of America. Anyone refusing should not be here.