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Thread: The Real Lesson of Thanksgiving (The downside of Open Borders)

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    The Real Lesson of Thanksgiving (The downside of Open Borders)

    My take on the facile observations of mass immigration enthusiasts as it relates to one of our most cherished holidays:
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    There is a difference between the early settlers and illegal aliens. If illegal aliens believe they are entering a non-sovereign undeveloped nation, then they are the ones living an illusion. Since the vast majority are from Mexico, they really should and do know better than that. That aside, the history of Americans is no more relevant to current immigration law than the history of Mexicans or any other nationality. But perhaps now is the time to refresh memories.

    The United States fought a war with Mexico. The United States won that war and Mexico lost it. Mexicans were allowed to stay, when most victors would have run them out. The United States also purchased with hard earned cash all the territories Mexico claimed were theirs including those over which the war was fought and won by the United States. Mexico also signed a Treaty that is valid to this day that confirms all of this as a matter of international law.

    As to the American history of the early settlers, things were okay when there were only a few, but as we know as many more arrived and had to ride West to find a spot to live or a job to do or a farm to plow, there were conflicts even then over resources and of course War ensued with with Indian Tribes, and again the United States won those wars and through various means and schemes established Reservations for the Tribes and then allowing Tribe members to leave and join the United States as citizens if they so desired.

    The point today is that if one doesn't learn from history, which apparently the Open Borders crowd has never studied or doesn't understand because for the most part this crowd isn't really from or of the United States to begin with, then that history will repeat itself. Both of the stories they want to use as a basis for their right to migrate anywhere they want any time they want both ended in War, not Welfare. So while Americans have no interest in either fighting Wars with illegal aliens or providing them with Welfare, they need to understand that the soul of the American people is not all that different today than it was then and true Americans will do whatever it takes to protect and defend our nation and the sovereign territory that comprises it.

    And, of course, rightly so.
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