Sunday, January 31, 2016 09:25 PM
By: Greg Richter

Jimmy McMillan, the white-haired, white-bearded founder of the Rent is Too Damn High Party has endorsed Donald Trump for president, the New York Daily News reports.

The Daily News found it ironic that McMillan would support a billionaire real estate developer, given the name of his party, noting that rent for a one-bedroom apartment at the glitzy Trump Tower runs about $6,000 a month.

But the perennial candidate for mayor of New York City, governor of New York state, and president also is a Vietnam War veteran and said Trump's concern for vets swayed him.

Trump is "the only one who is supporting my brother veterans which is good enough for me," McMillan told the Daily News. "My main concern is helping my brother veterans get help. America needs change."

Trump held a fundraiser for veterans Thursday night at the same time as the Fox News Channel Republican debate, which Trump skipped. Trump reportedly raised $5 million for veterans groups after kicking in $1 million himself.

McMillan said he has never met Trump, but said, "I've read up a lot on him."

McMillan attempted a White House run as a Republican in 2012, saying he wanted Trump as his vice president. But he dropped the bid after failing to get on the ballot in any state. He then ran for mayor of New York City and endorsed President Barack Obama.