by Rep. Andy Biggs
| February 20, 2020 11:00 PM

Having just returned from leading a congressional delegation to the U.S.-Mexico border, I am reminded that President Trump and the Republican Party have a superior vision of our country's future than Democrats and the Left.

Democrats view Trump as an illegitimate president and have spent three years working with their accomplices in the media and the deep state to undermine his efforts to keep his promises to voters. Their most brazen attempt, to date, has been the failed prosecution of an unwarranted impeachment of the president.

While surveying our rugged, vast, and long border with Mexico over the past several days, I saw miles of new border fencing built under Trump’s leadership — and against the will of the Democrats in Congress, who adamantly refuse to secure our southern border.

During the Democrats’ hostile impeachment investigation and trial alone, more than 200,000 illegal border-crossers were apprehended by the Border Patrol.

Since Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 elections, more than 1 million people, from more than 100 different countries, have been caught illegally entering the United States.

While more than a million were interdicted, at least that many illegally entered without apprehension.

President Trump and Republicans are not okay with that.

I have introduced a plethora of bills to fund the building of a border wall, provide technology and equipment necessary to secure our border, and restore pay to Border Patrol agents that was reduced under the Obama administration.

I have solicited co-sponsorship from my colleagues across the aisle. None have agreed to co-sponsor these border bills, or any of the many other pieces of legislation introduced by me or my fellow Republicans.

Instead of focusing on providing the barriers to slow illegal drug and human traffickers along our border or eliminating the loopholes in our laws that incentivize people to enter the country illegally, the Left and Democrats have undertaken a completely different approach.

They have spent congressional committee time professing how offended they are at the legally accurate term “illegal alien.” Apparently, a term in use for decades, both in the U.S. and abroad, offends their delicate sensibilities more than the victimization of their fellow citizens by criminally violent illegal aliens. Or even, for that matter, the exploitation of many of those crossing the border who are raped, blackmailed, or enslaved by coyotes and cartels.

It is obvious that the Left prefers to ignore the law and common sense by creating safe havens for illegal aliens who have committed crimes (besides the first crime they commit of either entering the U.S. illegally or refusing to leave the country when their visa expires).

Sanctuary cities and states ostensibly provide humanitarian aid to those who are merely refugees. But, the ugly side of it is that the dopes who support these policies are violating their oaths of office, violating federal law, and violating the human rights of their citizens by releasing some very dangerous people back into the communities these elected officials are supposed to represent.

Ultimately, my friends on the Left are truly for a different America. They provide the draw factors that bring people illegally into the country. They ignore our laws and protect illegal aliens from the consequences of illegally entering, illegally staying, or committing other illegal acts.

Democrats have introduced legislation to provide millions of attorney hours to illegal aliens, including those already deported after having their day in court! Leftists have also promoted legislation to give free healthcare, education, and other benefits to illegal aliens. And, they have already extended the franchise to illegal aliens in local and state elections.

And they wonder why people enter the country illegally.

Ultimately, Democrats have tried to prevent border enforcement by their failed impeachment of the president, generating lawsuits to prevent enforcement and filling the leftist media with a false narrative to engender sympathy for those who ignore our laws.

While the Trump administration and Republicans continue to fight to secure our border, the Left fights to open our border.

These are two rather stark visions of America. I prefer the one that respects the rule of law, defends our sovereignty, and attempts to keep the rights and safety of American citizens paramount.

Rep. Andy Biggs, a Republican, represents Arizona's 5th District in Congress. He is a member of the House Judiciary Committee and chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. You can follow him on Twitter: @RepAndyBiggsAZ.