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    Rep Ellison Calls for Obama Exec Order to Raise Minimum Wage

    Rep Ellison Calls for Obama Exec Order to Raise Minimum Wage

    Posted on December 6, 2013 by BMartin1776

    Ellison an agent of CAIR and a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer is blatantly asking the emperor to defy Congress and the American people.

    Executive Orders were meant to apply to the EXECUTIVE BRANCH not be blanket policy making/ legislating from the oval office for the entire country.

    You see Rep Ellison Congress makes the laws NOT the president but we all know you communists want a dictatorship and welcome the shredding of the Constitution.

    Have any of these idiots in DC ever had a basic business class? I know the answer of course they haven’t. If you raise wages you must raise prices. If you choose not to raise prices to compensate for higher wages than you must make CUTS to operating, inventory etc expenses or reduce staff!

    100 million Americans are out of work regardless of the employment numbers released today with UE at 7%. That number is a lie those of us with a clue know it because the labor force continues to shrink allowing lower rates to be reported.

    Raising minimum wages will put more people out of work. Minimum wage jobs were never intended for people to LIVE and raise a family off of.

    These jobs were for the youth, those seeking higher education that require an income with flexible work hours or to supplement a household with full-time employment to cover additional expenses for whatever reason.

    Flipping burgers, stocking shelves require a lower skill level than one who does legal research or assist in medical practice.

    They are NOT equal positions dictating equal pay.

    Skill level determine pay. One who swings a hammer or a shovel doesn’t have the same skill level as one who pro dives medial care or legal assistance.

    All you progressives out there deliberately ignore this fact and before anyone takes shots at me keep in mind I am college educated, possess 20yrs work experience who is LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYED with no hope whatsoever of having a job let alone a career!

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