Rep. Grothman: DHS monitoring over 600,000 illegals with CRIMINAL RECORDS

04/23/2024 // Ava Grace // 390 Views

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reportedly aware of and monitoring more than 600,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records who managed to enter the country.Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) – chairman of the House National Security, Border and Foreign Affairs (NSBFA) Subcommittee – disclosed this during an April 11 hearing. The NSBFA Subcommittee is under the larger House Oversight Committee led by its chairman, Rep. James Comer (R-KY).
According to Grothman, 617,000 illegals of the more than six million permitted into the U.S. since President Joe Biden took office have either criminal convictions or pending criminal charges. He subsequently blasted this alarming finding during the same hearing.
"The fact is that illegal aliens should not be in the country in the first place and able to commit these crimes," said the Wisconsin congressman. He also cited an analysis conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety revealing that such people "are more likely to be convicted of homicide, sexual assault, and kidnapping than the average Texan."
"The solutions aren't hard. Secure the border, stop releasing illegal aliens into the country in droves. When an illegal alien commits a crime in the community, turn them over to ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], enforce the law and remove them. It's just that simple."
Bill Waybourn, sheriff of Tarrant County in Texas, also testified during the April 16 hearing. He told lawmakers that 264 illegals from at least 15 countries are currently being held in jails across the county. These 264 illegals in custody, the sheriff added, are accused of committing violent crimes including eight murders; 38 counts of assault with a deadly weapon; five counts of sexual assault and two counts of child pornography.
"I feel certain that every single sheriff in America is concerned with the border and its impact on their communities," said Waybourn.
Population of border crossers EXCEEDS those of 36 states, analysis finds

Meanwhile, a separate analysis by Fox News found that the number of illegals who have entered the U.S. since President Joe Biden took office in 2021 has exceeded the population of 36 states. The analysis, which the New York Post wrote about in February, cited data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
Based on the agency's data, almost 73 million illegal immigrants have entered through the U.S. under the Biden administration and its open borders policy. If that number were to create a city, it would rank second in size behind New York City, the Post noted. Furthermore, the figure does not account for the estimated 1.8 million known "gotaways" who have eluded authorities, which added to the total would surpass the Big Apple's population. (Related: Illegal Alien Invasion: All the big U.S. land grabs by China and globalists may be for housing illegal immigrants.)
In comparison to the highest populated states in the U.S., the 7.3 million figure represents approximately 18.7 percent of California's population of 39 million, 23.9 percent of Texas's 31 million population, 32.3 percent of Florida's population, and 37.3 percent of New York's.
There have already been nearly one million illegal immigrant encounters since the start of fiscal year 2024, which began in October. If illegal immigration continues at its current rate, the number of illegal entries will exceed last year's historic record of 2.4 million.
"This unprecedented surge in illegal immigration isn't an accident, said Erik Ruark, director of research for the non-profit Numbers USA that advocates for immigration restrictions. "It is the result of deliberate policy choices by the Biden administration."
"The administration has refused to enforce existing immigration law and taken every opportunity to aid and abet illegal border crossings. In actual effect, the U.S. government is completing the human smuggling and trafficking process for the Mexican cartels."
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