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By Richard Cameron, Communities Digital News

A meeting of minds / White House photo used under U.S. government works license.

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2014 – The congressional GOP leadership is planning another attempt to sabotage American workers and disrespect legal immigrants waiting in line to come here legitimately. This is the new normal.

The GOP establishment’s newest tactic is to contrive legislation in ambush mode, meaning that if they can work something up under the radar and push it through with the least amount of public attention possible, they’ll do so. In American football, this is called the “hurry up offense”: Don’t give the defense much time to read the formation and align themselves properly.

As Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks puts it:

“Everything by the illegal alien allies is part of a bigger play. There is always the risk that those in Washington that wish to betray the American people on behalf of illegal aliens will slip some language into some place that opens the floodgates to the detriment of American workers.”

In the latest example of this, Virginia Representative Bob Goodlatte attempted to frame a new amnesty proposal in political terms that conceivably could hoodwink Americans generally opposed to amnesty. One ingredient in this failure omelette is to make noises critical of President Obama in order to make the amnesty incrementalism more palatable to conservatives.

One of the gimmicks the GOP errand boys for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce think might play is the ruse of letting anyone who signs up for military duty have legal permanent residency status. Goodlatte pitches another dodge: Young people who were brought to the United States by their parents illegally should be allowed to stay. “That needs to be legally addressed, but we also want to make sure there’s not another family in the future that would take a young child through dangerous tunnels in the backs of trucks suffocating,” he said.

You do that by enforcing the law and making border crossing a fruitless endeavor, a fool’s errand. You don’t discourage illegal immigration by rewarding it with legalization. If ever there were an argument for taking real and serious measures to make our border with Mexico virtually impenetrable, it is the humane argument that if the word gets out that you can’t get in, you won’t even try.

These are extremely determined people, and they are now funding Mexican crime syndicates; there is an obscene amount of money to be made trafficking humans across our border. The money people pay to be brought over is an investment: Those who pay drug cartel coyotes thousands of dollars to be smuggled into the U.S. must consider the value of birth tourism and our social welfare benefits worth more than the return on investment in Mexico or Central America and making a go of it there.

Breitbart reports that Sophomore Republican Rep. Jeff Denham of California, a close ally of GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy, is leading the push to add the text of his “ENLIST Act” to the National Defense Authorization Act, which could come to the House floor as early as next month. The NDAA has become a “Satan Sandwich” to fill with all sorts of sausage of the kind that you’ve been warned not to watch being made.

Congressman Steve King of Iowa sums up the reaction of Republicans in the House who are not on board with these schemes:

“If we’re going to put out the bait, which is: come into the U.S., break in, so to speak, smuggle yourself into the military, put on the uniform of the United States, take an oath to uphold our Constitution, which may or may not mean anything to them, and now we’re going to reward you with citizenship — I think it’s just a bizarre thing to do, to reward people for breaking our laws. That’s what amnesty is,”

And this begs the question, why would you want to recruit from a pool of potential enrollees who have no genuine interest in serving this country other than avoiding a bus trip back to Mexico? One unnamed member of Congress, explains that the GOP leadership wants to get a jump on Obama’s plans to provide amnesty by executive fiat, the idea being that if Republicans don’t get busy pandering to Hispanics, Obama and the Democrats will get all the political capital:

“It’s going to happen. He’s getting a lot of pressure, and he’s already told some people he’s going to. He’s told a bunch of people. I think he will. I think he has to,” said one senior member of Congress who asked that his name not be used. “I’m hearing that he will do it by August. When that happens, it’s poof! The right will go off the rails, just because it’s unconstitutional — and they’ll be right about that stuff. They’ll fly off the rails, which will then get the Democrats [to close ranks]. And then it’s a presidential election. That’s coming, and as soon as that happens, it’s over.”

What the cowards in the GOP ranks should be doing is putting Obama on notice not to try it, but that won’t happen with John Boehner in charge of leading the retreat. Louie Gohmert, House Republican from Texas, pins the tail on the RINO:

“Amnesty for those illegally here should not be tucked away and hidden within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). When someone goes into the military they take an oath to protect and defend the United States of America. How can you raise your right hand and promisto defend the U.S. Constitution, while you are breaking the very laws you are sworn to defend?”

That would be the question to ask this list of co-sponsors to this stealth amnesty measure:

Mark Amodei, NV
John A. Boehner, OH
Ken Calvert, CA
Eric Cantor, VA
Jeff Denham, CA
Charlie Dent, PA
Mario Diaz-Balart, FL
Renee Ellmers, N.C.
Joe Heck, NV
Peter T. King, N.Y.
Kevin McCarthy, CA
Michael McCaul, TX
Howard “Buck” McKeon, CA
Cathy McMorris Rodgers, WA
Paul D. Ryan, WI
Glenn Thompson, PA
Marlin Stutzman, IN
David Valadao, CA
Jeff Duncan,S.C
MickMulvaney, S.C.
Trey Gowdy, S.C
Devin Nunes,
Steve Stivers, OH
Darrell Issa, CA
Jeff Miller, FL
Mike Rogers, MI
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, FL
Robert W. Goodlatte, VA
Doug LaMalfa, CA
Steve Pearce, NM
Dave Reichert, WA

If your member of Congress is on this list, “you have a phone and a pen.” Their district offices and websites are just a click away at Contacting Congress.

Some of these, if they get pounded hard enough on the phones, via Twitter, Facebook and email, will retreat and run for cover as has happened numerous times in the past.

Roll Call also has a list of likely Yeses, Noes, and those sitting on the fence on this. See how your member of Congress is positioned here. Remember, to elected officials, silence equals consent.