Founders Endorse Donald Trump for President

RonPaul.comFebruary 29, 2016
Presidential Election 2016

Donald Trump personifies the Liberty Movement’s finest anti-establishment spirit. He is the only rational choice left in the presidential race for those of us who hold liberty dear.

Just like Ron Paul, Donald Trumploves America and Americans, and we find it fascinating that he arrived at many of the same positions as Ron Paul not by extrapolating them from libertarian principles but by applying his ample business experience and sheer human decency.

Most importantly…

1. Donald Trump is a diplomat, a dealmaker and a non-interventionist. He wants to make the military “so strong that we never have to use it,” and just like Ron Paul, he prefers to talk and negotiate with foreign leaders instead of bombing them.

2. Donald Trump wants to end illegal immigration. Just like Ron Paul, Trump puts Americans and legal immigrants first, and he favors the elimination of incentives for illegal immigrants, including amnesty and birthright citizenship.

3. Donald Trump wants to audit the Federal Reserve, and he can actually make it happen: He is the only major candidate not owned by the big banks and corporations.

4. Donald Trump wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a free market solution. Additionally, just like Ron Paul, Trump offers a viable solution to protect helpless people from dying in the streets.

5. Donald Trump is self-financing his campaign. That’s just as good as, if not better than, relying on small individual donations like Ron Paul did.


Ron Paul has not endorsed Donald Trump, and in fact this very website is filled with anti-Trump videos and articles by Ron Paul. Nevertheless, we strongly feel that Donald Trump is the only candidate left in the race who has the potential of restoring and preserving many of our liberties. He might not be perfect, but his heart is in the right place, and if anyone can prevail against the establishment it is a renegade billionaire like him.

It would be a great tragedy for our fellow Ron Paul supporters to sit out this election. To beat the GOPe and preempt a brokered convention, Trump needs many decisive victories so he can accumulate enough delegates to carry the nomination on the first ballot. This time around, our support can make a real difference!

We’re all in for Donald Trump. Join us, and him, in Making America Great Again!

Tim Martin, Esther Anderson, Jeff Hale

Founders, Grassroots Website (est. May 2008

P.S. Donald Trump’s victory will be an inspiration not just to America but to the entire Western world. In Europe, where the very existence of several demoralized countries is threatened by the aftereffects of political correctness, desperate but hopeful protesters are on the streets right now with signs saying “TRUMP IS RIGHT!