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    Root Cause Of Society's Problems - The Special People

    Root Cause Of Society's Problems - The Special People

    By Ted Twietmeyer

    Are you tired all the special and exempt people who run our world? There doesn't seem to be any end to them. Is it really true all men are created equal? And if so, does society ultimately treat everyone as equal? Here are a few examples of the incomprehensible way people think and even encourage society's exceptions. These examples show the deep level of stupidity training and how effective it is. I challenge anyone to prove to me why any of these exceptions are considered acts of equality:

    * A Zimbabwe police detective, Alois Mabhunu, was recently arrested and kept for a month in the police barracks. He was demoted and now must wear a uniform. That wasn't all - he was also sentenced by an internal police court to 10 days in jail. What was his heinous crime? Was he on the take, doing drugs, stole evidence, or tried to peddle influence? No - he used a toilet reserved for Mugabe at a conference. Alois' crime was using the royal crapper.

    * If you're Jewish and a comedian, you're permitted to stand up and say anything you want about the Jewish people and their customs. Lewis Black does this whenever he pleases on stage and on national television. But no one accuses Black or anyone like him of being an "anti-Semite." Why?

    * Use of the "N" word is considered hate speech everywhere, but not if you're African-American. If you qualify as a member of that race you can use the N word all you want and much more. You can say anything you want about African-Americans or call Caucasian people crackers. But why is it that being African-American makes such comments no longer hate speech? Does it make sense, and why should that really make a difference?

    * Another word considered "politically incorrect" is the term "****", referring to people of Spanish ancestry. The word Hispanic must be used when referring to these poeple, unless of course you're Spanish. In that case, you can say anything you want about your own people.

    * If you're out hunting and shoot someone in the face just a few feet away, you can bet you that at the very least you would be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. Unless your name is Dick Cheney. Then nothing happens to you.

    * Openly gay comedian or other artist? Then you automatically have new rights bestowed upon you. Now you're allowed to pick on, criticize and chastise other gay individuals and artists all day long. No one will care what you say or accuse you of being homophobic. But if you're heterosexual, then such comments are taken to mean something sinister, anti-gay, homophobic and wrong. You could lose your job. If you're an actor it could end your career. Why are gay people given carte blanche to criticize their own persuasion?

    * We've all heard the term "diversity" regarding employment opportunities. Think that means hiring more minorities of all different races? If you think that you'd be wrong. Diversity in reality refers to hiring more African-Americans. If you don't think this is so, ask any employer. Why is it that African-Americans get this special treatment? They are far from being the only minority in America.

    * Mexicans who enter America by crossing the Rio Grande are defined by law as illegal aliens. But now we only hear the term "immigrants" to describe these very same people breaking the law. Even on documentary programs detailing people crossing the border with Mexico illegally like "Border Wars" they still refer to them as immigrants. If this exception applies to them, what about other people committing crimes? Should we now refer to serial killers as "extinguishers" or "terminators?" Or refer to petty thieves as "removers?" Or rename kidnappers "lifters?" Where does it end?

    * Use of "immigrant" or "migrant" to describe illegal aliens is an insult to legitimate law abiding immigrant people from Mexico and around the world, who follow America's laws to legally enter America.

    * Interfering with the operation of government or the military is a crime. Preventing a post office employee from delivering mail is a crime. Forcing the stand-down of fighter planes back in September 2001 was also a crime, but this was never considered as such. Even though a law was already on the books requiring the use of military aircraft to defend cities and buildings from aerial attacks. Yet nothing was done or ever will be about that illegal stand-down order.

    * Obama was recently told he must pay nine million dollars in congestion charges for his limo and 35 vehicle entourage driving into London. But he feels he's exempt and shouldn't have to pay it and considers it a tax. What about the double and triple taxation Americans pay every day? Why is that OK?

    Who says a rose by any other name is still a rose? There are many other examples but those above are more than sufficient. But these examples prove that "special people" run society and get away with murder. It's not just lobbyists but minorities who call the shots for you, me and everyone else.

    Imagine what life be like without all this special treatment. Perhaps we would have the type of society our founding fathers stated, where all men are created equal. Considering that we all come from our mothers, nursed by our mothers, raised in families and enter society to make a living, grow old and die, then in that sense we are all created equal. Outside of those basic facts all bets are off.

    Ted Twietmeyer
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Yep. It's a big part of the problem.

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    My mother told me many years ago that Everyone wipes thier Butt the same way... I try to treat everyone the same as I would like to be Treated. I was at a large function awhile back and Ms. World was thier, walking around, signing autographs... She had walked up to me with her "handlers" and asked if I would like a autographed picture, I replied NO, Would you like one of me? That was one embarrassed Lady.
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    We need to get rid of "Politically Correct" and go back to the Golden Rule-treating everybody as you yourself would like to be treated! That way noone is "special" and people don't get abused either!

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