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Kevin McCarthy — Republican member of the House of Representatives — claimed that 33% of the women in migrant caravans are raped or treated violently.

The Stats on Rape and Immigration

Jan 8, 2019

RUSH: Redondo Beach, California, with Travis. Thank you for holding, sir. How are you?
CALLER: I am great. Longtime, long, longtime listener, first-time caller. Let me get to the point. They say that one in three women or children are raped coming to America through the border. Doesn’t that make at least one in three of the illegal men rapists or, if not, serial rapists coming through? And why is nobody right, left, or center talking about it?
RUSH: What is the stat that you’ve heard? One-third of women —
CALLER: Yeah, approximately one-third, approximately, I understand I’m conservative so I might be wrong.

RUSH: No, no. Is this in caravans like from Honduras or Guatemala, or is this just the normal run-of-the-mill illegal immigration crush at the border from Mexico?
CALLER: Again, I’m not positive, but as I understand it, it’s just the normal.
RUSH: One-third of women face rape on the way —
CALLER: Women or children. Women or children.
RUSH: And they’re facing rape or they’re being raped?
CALLER: They’re being raped, women and children. That’s what they say on TV.
RUSH: Okay. So your point is that means that somebody’s raping them?
CALLER: That’s correct.
RUSH: And that those people are probably part of the crowd trying to get into the country, and therefore the left is sponsoring a bunch of rapists being allowed into the country.
CALLER: Yeah, and pedophiles.
RUSH: Oh, yes, of course, pedophiles. Absolutely right. Well, I have a vague memory recollection of this statistic. I’m not actually certain of the — it sounds too easy to criticize. I am not sure that the rapists, the alleged rapists are actually part of the crowd, the caravan or whatever immigrating, that they are just part of the populations that these great pioneers have to traverse on their thousand-mile journey from Central America to the southern border that they face — not that the men in the group are rapists.
As you point out, that would defeat the whole purpose. These people are not considered to be in any way — I mean, you start talking about the criminal makeup of this group and the left immediately hits you back as a racist. If you utter any criticism whatsoever of any of these people trying to get in the country illegally, you are immediately attacked as a racist and a bigot. So I will have to check. I appreciate the call, though. Thanks, Travis.

RUSH: Here are the stats on the rapes and immigration. We had a caller say that one-third of women face rape on their way to the southern border. That means somebody’s raping them. Are they being admitted into the country? Are the Democrats sponsoring rapists? I mean, that would be the natural progression or conclusion you would draw. Back on January 2, so six days ago, Kevin McCarthy — Republican member of the House of Representatives — claimed that 33% of the women in migrant caravans are raped or treated violently.
He “declined to answer a question on how Mexico would pay for Donald Trump’s border wall through the USMCA, instead claiming that one-third of women in the migrant caravan have been raped or ‘violently treated.'” He didn’t say by who. So that’s, you know, open to interpretation. Now, you can look at that stat and you can have a number of different reactions to it. Okay, one reaction would be, “Well, then don’t show up! You know, stay in El Salvador, Guatemala, or whatever.” The other way of looking at it is, “My gosh! They’re being raped on the way. We gotta let ’em in. Oh, my God. Open the border.
“We gotta go down there and we gotta help ’em get in!” Which would be the reaction that the left would have. The New Republic, a so-called journal of liberal opinion, back on October 23rd last year claimed, “An estimated eight in 10 [or 80%] migrant women and girls are raped while traveling through Mexico.” The New Republic was citing figures from the U.K. Guardian report from a year earlier, October 5th, 2017, in which they reported “80% of the women and girls who cross Mexico to get to U.S. border are raped on the way. The situation is so common, the U.K. Guardian says, that most of them take contraceptive precautions as they begin…”
I think I get this now. (wailing) “It’s so bad, it is so dangerous that 80% of women and young girls are raped, and they still come, how could we say no? Despite the fact that they know they’re gonna be raped and they’re gonna be abused and they’re gonna be mistreated, they still come! How can we keep them out?” I see why these numbers are being used now. Eight out of 10? That’s a big number. Even one-third is a big number. Why in the world would we want any part of it? See, we wouldn’t. The play is for sympathy. “How can we keep them out?
“How can we continue to subject ’em this kind of inhumane treatment by closing our border? It’s just not right — and since that’s probably the play, and I would raise my hand as one of the first to just disavow these numbers — 80%? It’s so common, they begin the journey with contraceptives? Where do they get those? Now, wait a minute. We’re talking about Guatemala, El Salvador. Where do they get those? Is Planned Parenthood down there passing the stuff out as they hit the starting line for the caravans?

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