San Diego County supervisor blames Biden administration for influx of 125,000 illegals

04/16/2024 // Laura Harris // 530 Views

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San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond (R-Oceanside) blamed the administration of President Joe Biden for the release of over 125,000 illegal immigrants into the city in the past six months without proper vetting procedures."Over 125,000 migrants have been dropped in San Diego County since September 2023. That’s just the minimum we know about and doesn’t include families, boat arrivals or elderly people who are processed differently. The numbers have gone through the roof," he said.
According to Desmond, illegal immigrants are freely crossing the border without obstruction due to resource shortages. Instances of this lax enforcement are evident in locales like the Jacumba Hot Springs in the southeast of the county, where breaches along the border barrier have facilitated the unimpeded crossings of massive groups of migrants. (Related: ABSURD: Migrants allowed to travel without showing proper identification at U.S. airports.)
"We don’t know exactly where [the migrants] are going, who they are, what their background is, or if they mean harm to us. There are people who should be on terror watch lists and we’re missing lots of them," he said.
Illegals are not properly screened and vetted

Desmond confirmed that Customs of Border and Protection (CBP) agents are struggling to cope with the surge of border crossings in Southern California. The constraints in both time and resources hinder the CBP's ability to conduct thorough screening and vetting for individuals unlawfully crossing the border.
Vetting, a process that should ideally take up to 72 hours, now only happens within 24 to 48 hours due to the strain on local communities. But Desmond clarified that he does not blame the CBP because this illegal immigration problem is a national issue.
"I don't blame the agents. I blame the Biden Administration and Homeland Security for not enforcing our laws. If seeking asylum, you’re supposed to be detained until that is found to have validity. We’re not doing that now," he warned.
Desmond cited the case of 26-year-old Jose Ibarra, a Venezuelan migrant who recently murdered a 22-year-old nursing student named Laken Riley while she was going for a jog around the University of Georgia in Athens.
According to internal documents from the Department of Homeland Security, Ibarra is affiliated with the Tren de Aragua gang. His journey into the U.S. began in September 2022, when he was initially arrested for illegally crossing the border in El Paso, Texas. But then he was immediately released on parole after less than 24 hours in custody.
Sources within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) revealed that Ibarra was granted freedom to roam within the U.S. until October 2024, despite his criminal background and gang ties. After some time, he transferred to New York City, where he resided in a city-provided shelter while displaying a carefree demeanor, even posting pictures of himself enjoying iconic landmarks.
During his time in New York City, Ibarra was arrested by local law enforcement but was subsequently released. He then relocated to Georgia to reunite with his allegedly violent brother, who had also entered the country and had cut off his ankle monitor to evade authorities. Three months later, Ibarra would take Riley's life.
In turn, Desmond posed a poignant question in the wake of the tragic loss of Laken Riley: "We have already seen the preventable tragedy of Laken Riley; what will it take to secure our border?"
"We need to enforce our current laws so people can enter this country with dignity instead of coming illegally through a fence or a river."
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