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Thread: Secret Service Officer Reveals Sick Thing Done in WH Bathrooms During Clinton Admin

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    Question Secret Service Officer Reveals Sick Thing Done in WH Bathrooms During Clinton Admin

    Secret Service Officer Reveals Sick Thing Done in WH Bathrooms During Clinton Admin

    Staffers working for former President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton used to snort cocaine in the White House bathrooms, former uniformed White House Secret Service officer Gary J. Byrne revealed recently.

    “There were some drug issues,” Byrne told New York Post. “Some people would come in to work in the morning, and they were barely walking. They would drop stuff off at the office and go to the restroom, where they would come out minutes later happy as a clown.”

    But in reality, there were far more than just drug issues at the Clinton White House. Specifically, there were frequent fits of rage from Hillary Clinton, whom the former agent was convinced posed a physical threat to her husband.

    On one occasion, she allegedly gave Bill a black eye. She also often cursed out her security detail.

    “It’s like hitting yourself with a hammer every day,” Byrne said of her anger, adding that she routinely exhibited “dangerous” and even paranoid behavior, perhaps because of her husband’s incessant infidelity.

    According to the Secret Service officer, for instance, Bill maintained a so-called “jogging list” of potential mistresses.

    “In the beginning of his first administration, when President Clinton was jogging outside, women who were dressed as if they were going clubbing or working out, started showing up at the southeast gate,” he explained.

    “The agents … would get the women’s names, and run them to see who they were,” he continued. “If the women wouldn’t cooperate, they would be ushered out of the jogging group.”

    The list of those women allowed to stay in the group was later used by Clinton for, well, questionable purposes.

    Everything about the Clinton White House reeked of corruption, perversion and perhaps even mental illness. There was something seriously wrong with the Clintons, and unless a miracle of some type has since occurred, there is likely something still wrong with them.

    H/T Fox News

    By: V Saxena on June 28, 2016 at 3:30pm

    Secret Service Officer Reveals Sick Thing Done in WH Bathrooms During Clinton Admin
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    I happened to meet Bill Clinton face to face, among only a few secret service personnel and aides, right in front of our local Hilton Hotel. Said "We are praying for you Bill." ----when I was still under the impression that he was a good leader. I saw the most distant look in his face, and it reminded me of some super-liberal types we have had around here.. I guess you have to expect politicians to be 'different.' It was kind of spooky though.....not the way he seemed on camera in those days.
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