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    Sen Sessions: God Bless Help in Defeating DREAM Act

    God Bless you, Senator Jeff Sessions, for your consistent, reasoned and powerful support for American citizens and the rule of law

    Open Letter to Senator Sessions: God Bless for Your Help in Defeating DREAM Act

    By John Lillpop
    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    Dear Senator Sessions:

    Over the past several years, Democrats have repeatedly worked against the interest of the American people by proposing legislation that would grant amnesty to ten of millions of foreign invaders.

    During these battles, you are the one senator who genuinely speaks out in favor of American citizens and the rule of law. Your unwavering support has been a rallying point for patriots from coast to coast.

    Once again, your efforts have paid huge dividends in defeating the awful DREAM amnesty act. Victory over those who would cheapen U.S. citizenship and the rule of law has been achieved, thanks in no small part to your efforts.

    God Bless you, Senator Jeff Sessions, for your consistent, reasoned and powerful support for American citizens and the rule of law.


    John W. Lillpop
    San Jose Ca
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    somewhere near Mexico I reckon!
    Image that a US senator standing up for Americans, we haven't seen that for awhile have we?
    Thank you Senator Sessions, I'd have to say you have the support of all True Americans!
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    YES! YES! YES! I hope all Senators and members of the House of Representatives learn the lessons of the 2010 elections and public reaction to immigration issues. It's way past time for our elected representatives to do their jobsso we can turn our attention back to ours.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Senator Sessions, for always standing tall for US against the ravages of illegal immigration.

    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    During the 2005 amnesty GWB, McCain, Kennedy and our wonderful GA senators Isakson & Chambliss (NOT), Sessions stood alone and debated for the American citizens.

    I watched him on C-Span and eventually he won over the traitors. The open borders amnesty people had been assured of passage, and they did have the votes, but our GA senators caved when booed and assured they would never again be elected and changed their votes, even though they helped write the stupid bill.

    I sent a thank you to Sen. Sessions, a small check to help with his re-election, along with a picture of my beautiful and smart grandchildren who were born in Alabama. I sent a copy of my thank you, my grandchildren's picture and no check to my GA senators. And every time they appear at any event I always remind them of their treasonous act. They have now denied they even wrote the thing, but there are people who speak out against them for going against their promised votes - too many to be disbelieved.

    I will be sending another thank you, another small check (all I can afford) as well as other fine Democrats who voted for citizens like Hagan in NC (where my other two grandchildren were born). I will send a copy to Luger without the check of course.

    For all those who are lucky enough to be able to afford to do so, please join me in thanking them with our gratitude and our financial support. Lobbyists buy votes all the time - we could be the pro-legal lobby.

    Thanks to all fine American citizens who continue to spend their time calling and faxing and those who help to keep people like Sessions and Bachman in office. We are drowning in illegals here in GA and our state is broke as a result, with increasing crime, drug and human smuggling moving into our suburbs.

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