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    Sen. Sessions plug for ALIPAC

    Sorry if this has been posted previously, but in case you missed this, ALIPAC's endorsement is listed on Sen. Sessions' campaign website. As we know, he was re-elected to another term:

    Jeff Sessions has received the endorsement of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, one of the leading groups opposed to Amnesty. They know that Senator Sessions will aggressively oppose Amnesty and assure that the next President fully enforces our nation's existing immigration laws.
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    If only we had more Senators like Senator Sessions. Compare him to the two "idiots" we have in California. I just don't get it!

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    RIP TinybobIdaho -- May God smile upon you in his domain forevermore.

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    I admire him so much for sticking up for the American worker. I didn't get through today but I'll trying to send my thanks to his office.

    I cannot believe the turncoats. I hope they get a belly full from their constituents.
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    Diane Feinstein - List of Monetary Contributors:

    Chris Albrecht HBO chairman and chief executive 2002-07
    Byron Allen entertainer
    Gloria Allred attorney
    Herb Alpert musician, producer
    Phil Angelides Calif. State Treasurer; 2006 candidate for governor
    Tom Arnold actor
    Clarence Avant record producer
    Roseanne Barr comedian, actress
    Craig Barrett Intel chairman; Intel ceo 1998-2005
    Rona Barrett gossip columnist; businesswoman
    Jason Bateman actor
    Meredith Baxter actress
    Riley Bechtel Bechtel Group chairman, ceo
    Stephen Bechtel, Jr Bechtel Group co-owner
    Ed Begley, Jr actor
    Richard Ben-Veniste attorney, 9/11 commissioner
    Candice Bergen actress
    Steve Bing producer
    Steven Bochco producer, writer
    Andy Borowitz satirist, writer
    Donald Bren land developer
    Jeff Bridges actor
    Eli Broad real estate developer; philanthropist
    James L Brooks producer, director
    Jeffrey Brotman Costco chairman
    Jerry Bruckheimer producer
    Ron Burkle supermarket magnate
    Carol Burnett actress, comedian
    James Burrows director, producer
    Peter Buttenwieser political fundraiser
    James Cameron director
    Kate Capshaw actress
    Gil Cates director, producer
    John Chambers Cisco ceo
    Les Charles TV producer, writer
    Chevy Chase actor, comedian
    Marc Cherry television writer, producer
    Henry Cisneros HUD Secretary 1993-97
    Liz Claiborne fashion designer
    Glenn Close actress
    Johnnie Cochran attorney
    Ry Cooder musician, filmmaker
    Wes Craven filmmaker
    Michael Crichton author
    Jamie Lee Curtis actress
    Blythe Danner actress
    Laurie David writer, activist
    Rebecca De Mornay actress
    Dana Delany actress
    Neil Diamond singer/songwriter
    Barry Diller media mogul
    Kirk Douglas actor
    Michael Douglas actor, director
    Richard Dreyfuss actor
    Faye Dunaway actress
    Sheena Easton entertainer
    Jill Eikenberry
    Michael Eisner Disney ceo 1984-2005
    Larry Ellison Oracle chairman and ceo
    Diane English television producer
    Nora Ephron filmmaker
    Farrah Fawcett actress
    Dianne Feinstein US Senator 1992-present
    Geraldine Ferraro Congresswoman 1978-84; 1984 VP candidate
    Sally Field actress
    Carrie Fisher actress, author
    Joely Fisher actress
    Jane Fonda actress
    Richard Fuld Lehman Brothers - Chairman, CEO 1994-present
    Ernest Gallo Wine mogul
    James Garner actor
    Teri Garr actress
    David Geffen Dreamworks co-founder, record producer
    Richard Gere actor
    Jami Gertz actress
    Sharon Gless actress
    Danny Goldberg Air America ceo 2005-06; record producer
    Whoopi Goldberg actress, comedian
    Berry Gordy record producer, entrepreneur
    Jamie Gorelick 9/11 Commissioner; fmr US Deputy Atty General
    Dana Gould comedian, writer
    Robert Greenwald filmmaker
    Brad Grey Paramount Pictures chairman, CEO
    Melanie Griffith actress
    Matt Groening cartoonist, Simpsons, Futurama
    Andrew Grove Intel co-founder
    Christopher Guest filmmaker; British baron
    Lionel Hampton bandleader, musician
    Tom Hanks actor
    Goldie Hawn actress
    Tom Hayden activist, author
    Christie Hefner Playboy Enterprises - Chairman, CEO 1988-2008
    Hugh Hefner Playboy founder
    Don Henley musician, songwriter
    Alan Horn movie executive
    Norman Hsu fashion industry executive; political fundraiser; convicted fraudster
    Robert Iger Disney CEO
    Ray Irani Occidental Petroleum, chairman, CEO
    Don Johnson actor
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    Quincy Jones musician, producer
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    Robert Zemeckis director
    George Zimmer Men's Wearhouse founder, CEO
    Jerry Zucker producer, screenwriter

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    Barbara Boxer - List of Top Monetary Contributors:

    EMILY's List $374,814
    Time Warner $51,150
    University of California $49,751
    Viacom Inc $43,000
    State of California $40,250
    Milberg, Weiss et al $31,500
    Greene, Broillet et al $30,355
    Girardi & Keese $29,000
    Vivendi Universal $27,500
    Cisco Systems $26,350
    Kazan, McClain et al $25,805
    Sony Corp of America $23,000
    Cassidy & Assoc/Interpublic Group $21,063
    League of Conservation Voters $20,671
    Walt Disney Co $20,250
    Lieff, Cabraser et al $20,150
    General Electric $20,050
    DreamWorks SKG $20,000
    YankeeNets $20,000
    Qualcomm Inc $19,500

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    A good source of rich liberals. They just hire illegals we have to live among them and watch our homeless being discriminated against and our children taking a back seat when it comes to schooling in favor of the illegal immigrant.
    <div>''Life's's even tougher if you're stupid.''
    -- John Wayne</div>

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    I love Jeff Sessions, and wish he'd run for President. I think he's smart, he's well-spoken, he can count, and he loves America.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    Wilma1 wrote:

    If only we had more Senators like Senator Sessions. Compare him to the two "idiots" we have in California. I just don't get it!
    Sen. DeMint and Vitters are pretty darn close.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    Sen. Sessions ROCKS and truly cares about the people! What a guy!!!!

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