March 4, 2014

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has emerged as the most knowledgeable Member of Congress who is willing to expose the lies and fallacies of the proposals to give amnesty to illegal aliens. Here are a few of Sessions’ statements. *The amnesty advocates say: Those who violated our immigration laws will not get any special path to citizenship. In fact, the plan is to give a green card to ineligible aliens and that is, indeed, “a special path to citizenship.”

*The amnesty advocates claim that their plan is not amnesty because illegals will have to pay fines, back taxes, learn English, and pass background checks. In fact, all those requirements are a farce: it’s impossible to calculate back taxes, the aliens of course will never learn English before they get amnesty, and any background checks will be as worthless as the background check of the Boston bombers.

*The amnesty advocates claim that the immigration reform debate in Congress will be full and open. Are you kidding? All immigration plans have been assembled in secrecy. *The amnesty advocates claim the majority of Americans support immigration reform. In fact, all polls refute that statement; 62% of Americans want the border secured (Period!) before any immigration “reform” is even considered.

*The amnesty advocates claim we need a guest-worker program to fill our labor shortages and are willing work jobs Americans won’t do. In fact, there are enough unemployed Americans to fill all labor shortages, and Americans in fact do work all the jobs that some claim Americans won’t do. *The amnesty advocates claim that those granted legalization will support themselves and not get welfare. What a lie! That is already the law, but the Obama Administration pays no attention to it. The Boston bomber family actually was given $100,000 in welfare benefits. *We thank Senator Sessions for telling the truth about amnesty legislation.