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Thread: Shock Doug Jones Ad Targeting Roy Moore Slammed as ‘Racist’

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    Shock Doug Jones Ad Targeting Roy Moore Slammed as ‘Racist’

    This "AD" is offensive and shows just how much the liberals try to set one group upon another for political gain - Disgusting.
    Shock Doug Jones Ad Targeting Roy Moore Slammed as ‘Racist’


    Shock Doug Jones Ad Targeting Roy Moore Slammed as ‘Racist’

    Doug Jones Campaign

    7 Dec 2017

    With less than a week until Election Day, Alabama Democrat Senate candidate Doug Jones has angered black voters by attacking Republican opponent Roy Moore with a flyer some critics are calling a racist advertisement.

    The mailing was created to look something like an Internet meme. At the top, it reads, “Think if a Black man went after high school girls anyone would try to make him a senator?” Beneath that is a photo of a young black man with a comical skeptical look on his face.

    Eugene Scott

    This mailer is supposedly going to black voters in Alabama ...
    11:03 AM - Dec 6, 2017

    But African American critics of the flyer think the ad hits a sour note and is borderline racist.

    “I feel it was putting you in a position to vote based on race, versus the correct candidate, or a candidate,” Alabama resident Veronica Jones told WHNT News 19. She said she didn’t think it was the correct way to address Alabama’s minority community, if that was the Jones campaign’s intent. She added, “Just state the facts, what are you going to do for that target area, and be done.”

    The voter conclued, saying she was shocked that the ad came from the Doug Jones campaign, “I think it was the wrong way to go overall,” she said about the flyer.

    The black-centric website The Root was also incensed by the ad.

    The Root’s Michael Harriot tore into the ad saying:

    Someone, probably a white man, thought that the image would resonate with Black people and motivate them to get out the vote. It’s as if Black people were considering voting for the child molester until some brilliant strategist posited: ‘What if he were Black, though?’ The flyer is reductive in its oversimplification of the black mind as only caring about Black issues. While it might not be racist, it is certainly racist adjacent.
    “Part of the reason the Democratic Party has been marginalized as a party that only exists on the coasts and in urban areas is whitemannery like this,” Harriot added. “The Democratic Party is trash. It is the reason Hillary Clinton lost. It is the reason Donald Trump is president.”

    Black voters on social media are no happier over the metrics of the ad.

    I just got this in the mail.
    This is *NOT* how do outreach to Black voters!
    I don’t know who thought this was going to help, but this campaign has engaged Black voters despicably.
    — William C. (@williamcson) December 7, 2017

    William C.@williamcson

    Replying to @williamcson

    The Doug Jones campaign should be made aware that Black people are not props without dignity and we deserve respect, not cheap ploys that insult our intelligence.
    8:16 PM - Dec 6, 2017
    7 Dec
    The Root

    Doug Jones may have just thrown away the election with this racist flyer, proving once again that the Democratic Party is trash

    Rosa A. Clemente

    the Democratic Party is super trash, this is the ad they are using, so there def goes Alabama to a child rapist!
    10:00 AM - Dec 7, 2017

    Politics By Steve@politicsbySteve

    @seanhannity @ThomasWictor @MooreSenate@realDonaldTrump

    The #DougJones campaign hits an even new low. Yesterday, they mailed this race-baiting flyer to the black communities in Alabama.#shameonthem #progressiveliberaltactics
    7:15 AM - Dec 7, 2017

    Those pushing candidate Jones have also courted controversy this week with a misleadingcampaign ad claiming that Alabama votes are “public record” and that voters who chose to vote for Roy Moore can be publicly outed based on their voting record. An ad pushed by a PAC for Doug Jones tells Moore voters that “the community will know” if they voted for “a child molester.”

    But, the Alabama Secretary of State’s office hastened to remind voters that votes are not recorded along with a voter’s name. All ballots are blind and no public records exist of who voted for whom. Therefore, state officials note, no one can know whom anyone voted for unless the voter himself tells people about the choice.
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    Great comment at the link:

    J C aka Randy Yonkers 12 hours ago

    So true Randy!...

    Race and sexual smears seems to be the sum total of Democratic Party strategy.

    Their political playbook can now be engraved on a guitar pick.
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