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    JD Rucker
    December 29, 2015

    This has been the craziest GOP Presidential nomination race in history. Itís upside down, inside out, and perplexing to the point of lunacy. My support for Ted Cruz has never wavered, but Iím about to make an appeal I never thought Iíd be able to make. Today, heís the logical choice for President and quite possibly the only choice that actually makes any sense.

    Assume with me, for a moment, that thereís no Democrat who can qualify as a plausible choice, let alone a logical one. With that out of the way, weíre left with several Republicans who can be President. Now, letís assume that one thing is absolutely correct whether we want to admit it or not. The Republican Party as a functioning entity is on the verge of being destroyed and (hopefully) reborn.

    While I donít like the Washington Post, they made some strong points, albeit from a negative liberal perspective, when they pointed out this fact. I know itís hard, but I want you to read this article with an open mind:

    For better or worse, they are correct (and weíll get back to the better or worse part in a moment). Donald Trump was created by a willingness within the Republican party to tap into fears Ė real or imagined Ė within the conservative wing of the party that enabled them to talk boldly but, in the case of Republican Establishment types that currently sit as a majority of the elected officials in Washington DC, were unwilling to apply.

    They talked tough about stopping illegal immigration, but only in theory. Trump forced it to become a tangible goal.

    They talked about fiscal responsibility and then tossed it out the window. As Cruz put it, they House and Senate Republican leadership are the most effective Democrats in a long time.

    They talked about stopping the Iran Deal, Planned Parenthood, and Obamacare, then did nothing.
    George Will told the truth (unfortunately again in the Washington Post) when he said that the conservative party would end with a Trump nomination. I was never one of those pundits who said that Trump shouldnít be taken seriously or that he couldnít win the nomination, but itís a blatantly clear perspective to realize that mainstream media will find so many skeletons in Trumps many closets if he gets the nomination that he pretty much guarantees a Clinton victory if heís the nominee.
    I no longer doubt that Trump believes he can make America great and Iím coming around to the idea that if he were given the opportunity, he would be able to do just that. If I could crown a President, heíd be up there close to Cruz. He will not be given that opportunity. Itís an impossibility. His polarizing effect is working within the party but it ends there. He will not be able to repeat his performance in the general election. His nomination would be a bloodbath that would make Bob Dole look like a strong general election candidate.

    There is one major contribution that Trump has given to America that should never be discounted. He forced the party to be true to its base by reiterating what Cruz has been saying as well: the Republican Establishment is neither effective nor practical. Cruz and Trump truth serum has resonated with the reality weíre seeing in Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the moderates who have done nothing but given President Obama all that he wants. This combination has made it to where an Establishment candidate like Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, or Jeb Bush no longer have a good chance of winning the nomination.

    For that, we can credit Donald Trump eternally.

    Itís not impossible for Rubio or Christie to emerge; the Establishment has been as dirty and disastrous for the country as Democrats over the last two and a half decades. Still, Trump, Cruz, and conservative thinkers around the country have done enough damage to the Establishment that we finally have an opportunity to nominate a Conservative without their permission. The last time this happened, of course, was when Ronald Reagan fought against the 70s and 80s Neocons to ride triumphantly to the nomination and the White House.

    Hereís where we get to the crux of the matter. This is also where we determine whether Trumpís campaign and the destruction of the Republican party as we know it is ďfor better or for worse.Ē Consider:

    • Donald Trump cannot win in the general election, not because he doesnít deserve to but because the majority of voting sheep will follow the leftwing mediaís narrative.
    • Ben Carson is a good, intelligent man who will have an impossible time convincing voters that he can beat the learning curve to be President. He hasnít done it so far in the nomination process and it will only get harder in the general election.
    • Marco Rubio has trashed his once-bright chances of leading the party by being ineffective as a Senator and even less effective as a campaigner. Considering how much effort he hasnít put in as a Senator, one would think he would be showing up for more than donor functions. He has a hard path to the nomination and that will weaken him against Clinton.
    • Jeb Bush is Jeb Bush.
    • Chris Christie is mildly surging and might even place well in New Hampshire, but heís too far to the middle to mount a serious pull from the angry conservatives who only think of him as the guy who hugs Obama and closes lanes on bridges. Heíll go down in history as the guy who could have been the nominee in 2012;
    • None of the other candidates have a remote chance of winning the nomination.

    To recap, with Trump and Carson you have men who cannot win the general election and with the rest you have men who cannot win the nomination, at least not without completely destroying the party in the process. I wonít eliminate the possibility that the Establishment wonít try to do just that, but I believe that the voters wonít allow it as easily as weíve done in the past.

    This leaves the only logic choice. Ted Cruz doesnít have Donald Trumpís skeletons. He is vastly more knowledgeable than Ben Carson. He is superior in every way to Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Chris Chistie thanks to what Trump has done to wake up the base conservatives.

    There is no doubt that, when looking at everything logically, Ted Cruz is the only chance the Republicans have of winning back the White House. The question isnít the general election. The question is whether or not Republicans will use logic when going to the primaries and caucuses.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    As long as the supporters of one or the other one don't decide to bolt, a ticket with Cruz AND Trump in it would win, I think. Trump is talking about the problems of globalization---maybe in a loose cannon sort of way---but I don't see the others as having grasped the importance. It is not just illegal immigration. It is the trade policies that are underlying it, and the elitist forces trying to hold the US always accountable. For example, the problems in Central America are largely due to imports and also to US drug addicts. So why should the US be the safety valve for these problems? And then local liberal governments outright defy the federal directive to detain illegals---basically a slap in the face and a nod to the illegals.

    The Chinese and Asians take our products, reverse engineer them or outright steal the technology. Our university system gladly educates them, so they can be future competitors. The DHS is riddled with inefficiency and downright corruption. Cruz is kind of fuzzy on these things; the others are outright AWOL, lost in moralizing and philosophy.
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    The only points I am in agreement with is that this will come down to Trump and Cruz and the rest of the candidates are history and deservedly so.

    These two men are going to bloody each other up to secure the nomination (the BROMANCE is officially over). The ensuing battle that is going to take place should produce a nominee with a clear message, positions on all that is important to US and a battle hardened candidate willing to unite the party and demolish the opponent whoever she or he might be.

    Back to winning the general election, Clinton is heavily embattled with 160 FBI agents currently investigating her (if it were any other candidate they would step down) and if Sanders becomes the nominee, Bloomberg enters the race and hands it over to either Trump or Cruz.
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    Both Trump and Cruz will be on Fox with Chris Wallace on Sunday.
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    I think if Trump wins Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, it's a one man walk through to the convention.

    We'll know more Monday night.

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