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Thread: Tennessee: NC Truck Driver Stabs Three Women to Death at Pilot Truck Stop

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    Tennessee: NC Truck Driver Stabs Three Women to Death at Pilot Truck Stop

    Tennessee: NC Truck Driver Stabs Three Women to Death at Pilot Truck Stop

    04/08/2020 ~ Ann Corcoran

    His name is Idris Abdus-Salaam. Jihad Watch says he is a Muslim. Convert or immigrant is not clear.

    As usual, the UK Daily Mail has pretty good coverage and photos of the poor women who lost their lives.

    They were already risking their lives by working to provide the truckers America needs so much right now with meals.

    And, to lose their lives so violently is sickening.

    Scene of the slaughter. Pilot truck stops are owned by Jimmy Haslam, the older brother of former TN governor Bill Haslam.
    From the Daily Mail:

    Idris Abdus-Salaam was shot and killed by police at the scene. No motive for the attack has been reported, although Jihad Watch suggests one.

    Was he a jihadist? I suspect we will never know.

    A truck driver from North Carolina has been identified as the man who fatally stabbed three women and wounded a fourth at a Tennessee truck stop this morning, before a deputy shot and killed him after he refused to drop his knife.

    The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday afternoon identified the suspect in the stabbings at the Pilot Travel Center on Strawberry Plains Pike off Interstate 40 as 33-year-old Idris Abdus-Salaam, from Durham, North Carolina.

    The Knox County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at 7am at the truck stop to find a woman with stab wounds outside the store and a man armed with a knife in the parking lot, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.

    Grandmother Joyce Whaley

    Authorities found in all four stabbing victims. Three were pronounced dead at the scene from their wounds and the fourth was taken to a hospital for treatment.

    The victims include Pilot employees identified by TBI as Joyce Whaley, 57; Patricia Nibbe, 51, and Nettie Spencer, 41.

    Investigators were still working to determine a motive for the deadly attack, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Leslie Earhart said.

    Continue reading here to learn more especially about the women who were, yes, slaughtered.

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    This is sickening! Stop bringing these violent vermin here!!!

    We as American's, reach out to help one another in times of crises, these women were handing out meals to our hard working truckers.

    What a damn COWARD to kill innocent women. These animals have no regard for life, no joy in their lives, and are full of hate!



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    So very sad, and avoidable if we stop allowing these people into the US. Of course, he may be a convert. I have heard that mosques are being allowed to have services, unlike Christian churches. Has anyone else heard that?

    I have not seen or heard of this anywhere else? So is the media keeping it quiet?
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    Is Muslim Who Murdered Three Women in Tennessee Responsible for Another Attempted Murder?

    04/16/2020 ~ Ann Corcoran

    This is an update of the story I posted a week ago from Tennessee about how a man described as a truck driver, for reasons supposedly still unknown, stabbed to death three women at a Pilot truck stop in Knox County.

    Mama says he wasn’t mentally ill! Seems that leaves only one explanation, right!

    From the Commercial Appeal:

    Did Knox County Pilot attacker commit another stabbing in Millington?

    Did the man who killed three employees at a Pilot Travel Center in Knox County also stab a nurse nearly to death outside a mental health clinic in Millington, Tennessee?

    Millington Police Chief Mark Dunbar said a mugshot of Idris Abdus-Salaam, the 33-year-old deemed responsible for last week’s triple homicide, resembles a sketch of the man who committed perhaps the most bizarre, brutal attack he’s seen in his decades-long career.

    Left: A booking photo of suspected Pilot attacker Idris Abdus-Salaam when he was arrested for felony evading arrest in Raleigh North Carolina, in 2018.

    Right: A police sketch of an unidentified man who stabbed a nurse in Millington, Tennessee, in 2019.[….]

    No one else witnessed the attack, Dunbar said. No camera caught it on video.
    Investigators had nothing to go on but the words of a woman who had been stabbed over and over by a man she had never met.

    Still, the nurse did well in helping police create a sketch of her attacker, Dunbar said.

    The chief stressed that, although he believes the sketch resembles a 2018 booking photo of Abdus-Salaam, “that doesn’t mean it’s the same individual.

    We’re working with TBI trying to backtrack this,” he added, “and there may not be anything to it.”

    Although police said at the time the Millington suspect might have been mentally ill, that statement was based more on common sense than concrete evidence, Dunbar said.

    “If you stab somebody that you don’t know,” the chief said, “you’ve got a problem.”

    Much remains unknown about Abdus-Salaam and what sparked the attack at the Pilot. Authorities said he killed Joyce Whaley, 57; Patricia Denise Nibbe, 51; and Nettie Spencer, 41.

    Abdus-Salaam’s mother, Walidah Abdus-Salaam, told Knox News his family had no indication he was mentally ill. She described her son as a practicing Muslim and said she didn’t believe he had become radicalized by any sort of religious fanaticism.

    The TBI initially described Abdus-Salaam as a truck driver from Durham, North Carolina, but on Wednesday wouldn’t comment on the details of his employment history.

    The agency also declined to comment on whether he had ever been treated at a mental facility, as well as whether mental illness might have been a factor in the violence.

    “That is part of our investigation,” a spokeswoman said in response to several questions from Knox News.



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    Quote Originally Posted by imblest View Post
    . . . I have not seen or heard of this anywhere else? So is the media keeping it quiet?

    A truck driver stabbed four women, killing three of them, at a ... › 2020/04/08 › truck-driver-stabbed-women-trnd
    Apr 8, 2020 - Officers fatally shot a truck driver suspected of stabbing four women at a Tennessee truck stop.

    Trucker stabs four women, killing three, at Tenn. truck stop ... › news › national › ny-tennessee-truck-stop-st...

    Apr 8, 2020 - A truck driver was fatally shot by police after stabbing four women, three of whom died from their injuries, at a truck stop in Knoxville, Tenn. on ...

    A truck driver stabs four women, killing three, at a truck stop ... › a-truck-driver-stabs-four-women-killing-th...
    Apr 8, 2020 - The suspect stabbed four women while at the travel center, investigators said. The three employees, identified as Joyce Whaley, Patricia Nibbe ...

    Fourth victim of Knoxville truck stop stabbing released from the ... › news › local-news › fourth-victim-of-knoxville-truc...
    Apr 8, 2020 - KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The fourth victim in a stabbing spree that claimed the lives of three truck stop workers has been released from the ...

    What we know about the four women stabbed at the Pilot truck ... › article › news › local › what-we-know-about-the-fo...
    Apr 8, 2020 - KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — Three women were fatally stabbed at a Pilot truck stop in Knox County early Tuesday morning before responding ...

    Source: Notebook found in stabbing suspect's truck, may offer ... › article › news › crime › source-notebook-found-in-s...
    Apr 8, 2020 - The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Idris Abdus-Salaam, 33, stabbed four women at a truck stop off I-40 Tuesday, killing three.

    Officials: 3 women dead after truck driver goes on stabbing ... › article › officials-3-women-dead-after-truck-driver...

    Apr 8, 2020 - Officers fatally shot a truck driver suspected of stabbing four women at a Tennessee truck stop. Three of the women, who worked at the Pilot ...

    Pilot stabbing: Three killed, one injured at Tennessee truck stop › story › news › nation › 2020/04/08 › pilot-stab...

    Apr 8, 2020 - A fourth victim, a female customer, remains hospitalized. Her condition was not immediately available. Jimmy Haslam arrives at the scene of a ...

    Driver fatally stabs 3 at Tennessee truck stop before he's killed ... › news › us-news › driver-fatally-stabs-3-tennesse...

    Apr 7, 2020 - A truck driver from North Carolina fatally stabbed three people and wounded a fourth person at a travel station before being killed by deputies ...

    3 Killed and 1 Wounded in Tennessee Truck Stop Stabbing ... › 2020/04/07 › tennessee-truck-stop-stabbing

    Apr 7, 2020 - The condition of the fourth victim, who the authorities said was hospitalized and was a customer, was not released. “We are devastated to confirm ...
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