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    Quote Originally Posted by LegalUSCitizen
    Quote: At some point, the president of the United States will have to get behind the Statue of Liberty or Tom Tancredo's wall.
    These editors are real dips. If they would go visit the statue, they might find out the entire name is "Liberty Enlightening the World". In other words, it is to show other countries that if they follow America's example, they will also have liberty and prosperity. That was why when the statue was built, it faced towards then oppressive Europe. That sappy poem the WSJ is thinking about was written by a Russian immigrant. It is from a different age and belongs in the Smithonian.

    Which means actually, Miss Liberty and the Tancredo Wall go together. Maybe we should call it the Liberty Wall. Since Mexicans won't be able to wimp out to the US, they might stand and fight for more Liberty in Mexico. Cetainly it will give Americans more Liberty.

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