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    Trayvon Martin Rallies By Black Panthers Promote Racism, Antisemitism Claims ADL

    Posted: July 21, 2013
    Trayvon Martin Rallies By Black Panthers Promote Racism, Antisemitism Claims ADL

    The Trayvon Martin rallies by the New Black Panthers party is claimed to promote antisemitism by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

    As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Trayvon Martin rallies sprung up in 100 cities.

    The New Black Panthers’ Trayvon Martin rallies in Tampa didn’t do so well at all, but the Black Panthers promise their Trayvon Martin rallies for New York will be a Million Youth March.

    The New Black Panthers’ “Million Youth March 2013″ will take place starting September 7. But the rhetoric is already turning this planned Trayvon Martin rally violent. Last year, the New Black Panthers’ bounty on George Zimmerman claimed a $10,000 reward whether Zimmerman was “dead or alive.” The Black Panthers claimed they would “cut that cracker’s throat in half and watch his head roll down the street.”

    15 years ago, the original Million Youth March by the Black Panthers injured about 30 people in a clash with police. The New Black Panthers say “we’re at war” because “the white race is absolutely disagreeable to live with in peace. No race has ever been able to get along with the white race in peace.” The New Black Panthers asks the black community to “stand united as a people against a common enemy!” NBPP National Field Marshall King Samir Shabazz also allegedly called for the bombing of “white nurseries and churches” as “legitimate targets.” At the same time, Shabazz has released conflicting statements saying he doesn’t “want anybody to get scared” about the New Black Panthers’ Million Youth March in 2013, claiming they have “not come to call you into a fight or a throw down.”

    Nick Cannon, an American actor and rapper, is promoting the New Black Panthers’ Trayvon Martin rallies planned for Harlem in New York City. National Director of the ADL, Abraham Foxman, says this only helps legitimize the New Black Panthers’ racist and antisemitic plans for Trayvon Martin rallies:

    “While it is unclear if these celebrity and business leaders realize exactly who and what they are promoting, their endorsements of the Million Youth March only help to legitimize the virulently anti-Semitic and racist message of the New Black Panther Party. We hope that these public figures will take it upon themselves to completely disassociate themselves from the march. I think the last thing they would want is to have their names associated with the hateful message and mission of the New Black Panthers.”

    Tom Francois, who was investigated by the Secret Service for saying “Obama will be dragged kicking and screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ like a little b**** for treason,” is claiming it’s ironic the New Black Panthers are not being investigated by the Obama administration for their Trayvon Martin rally plans:
    Secret Service was worried about MY followers acting out on my posts! Black Panthers publicly put out a bounty on GZ head! (chirp chirp)
    — Tom Francois (@Tom_Francois) July 19, 2013
    What do you think about the plans for the New Black Panthers’ Trayvon Martin rallies?

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