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    Quote Originally Posted by nntrixie View Post
    Actually, immigrants do frequent fast food places - at least where I go.

    Last week we were in Ft. Worth and stopped at MacDonald's for coffee.

    I heard the manager call out for someone to pick up an order and realized he was speaking in Spanish. I hadn't even thought about all the workers being Hispanic, because they so often are. Then I looked and every one of the customers were Hispanic and it was full.

    The only whites were my husband and I and a homeless lady we were buying a breakfast.
    Years ago I was on a business trip to Miami, Florida. My colleagues and I went for a stroll in that section of Miami near the hotel. It was all Hispanic, Cuban. No one spoke English. I got thirsty and wanted a Coke specifically, so I dashed into this restaurant and asked "do you have Coke", they look at me with big eyes and the whole restaurant empties out, I look around like what is going on, and my two male colleagues were behind me laughing their asses off, and then I realize, so I made a drinking motion and said Coca Cola, the help starts smiling, nodded and got me my drink, and away we went. We had gone into a Cuban neighborhood.

    I never see them at McDonalds here as customers, or Hardees or any of the fast food restaurants. Maybe they just aren't there when I am. I see them at the restaurants, Golden Corral especially, the Mexican restaurants, and the Chinese Buffet restaurants, sit down restaurants, and here they would definitely be immigrants because until 2000, you could count Hispanics on 2 hands. Then a Mexican bus station opened up and they poured in, took over all the construction jobs, stole the jobs right out from under all our black construction workers and many of our white construction workers, took over all the landscaping jobs, and then you started seeing the women working in the restaurants. On Friday late afternoons at Walmart, it was like being in Tijuana. Unbelievable.

    It's why I got involved in the fight against illegal immigration. What it's done to the people of our small city is unbelievable, it's just beyond belief that our government would allow this knowing full well that the vast majority of the jobs they're stealing are from black Americans and lower income whites including Hispanic Americans. Here they weren't stealing jobs from American Hispanics because we really didn't have any to speak of, but in communities and cities with large American Hispanic populations, they're stealing jobs from them too.

    I just don't see mathematically if you steal the income from Americans who now can't afford to frequent your establishment and replace those customers with immigrants who can because they stole the jobs from Americans, how does that grow your customer base? It just changes who your customers are, it doesn't grow it. It's the same money, same spending of expendable income, you just took it from one to give it to another, seems to me, and left the taxpayers supporting the laid-off Americans until something better comes along.
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