Trump: Germans Will Riot, Overthrow Merkel

"We have a little situation that could be a trojan horse"
Kurt Nimmo | - January 13, 2016 660 Comments

On Tuesday presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said the German people will stage a violent overthrow of the Merkel government.

“We have a little situation that could be a trojan horse. You look at what is happening in Germany. Cologne never had a problem. Cologne, Germany. Okay? Everything’s fine. Everything’s nice. Clean. Beautiful. No problem. Now they are having riots, they’re having rapes,” Trump said during a campaign stop in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
“Have you heard about the New Year’s Eve [attack]? It was like a disaster. And the German people are going to riot. The German people are going to end up overthrowing [Angela Merkel]. I don’t know what the hell she is thinking. But they have millions of people pouring into Germany, now they’re not stopping them. Now I guess they are going to have to stop them because the German people aren’t going to put up [with it].”

Germans Hold Mass Demos, Police Cover-up Migrant Violence

Mass organized rapes and violence by migrants on Silvester, the German word for New Year’s Eve, have catalyzed the German people and turned them against the country’s multicultural Willkommenskultur, or “welcome culture.”
On Monday Pegida, the German acronym for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident, held a massive rally in Leipzig.
“These Muslim refugees have begun an all-out terror attack against German women,” said Tatjana Festerling, a leading activist of the anti-Muslim movement in Germany. “They show that everything we warned about is true. Integration is not possible.”
“If the majority of citizens were in their right mind, they would resort to pitchforks,” she added during a speech at the event.
The Leipzig Public Prosecutor is considering prosecuting Festerling for exploiting the freedom of expression, public incitement of criminal acts and sedition.
In Cologne outraged citizens characterized as rightwing vigilantes and football hooligans by the media attacked six Pakistanis, three Guineans and two Syrians.
On Saturday police used a water cannon and pepper spray against Pegida supporters as they squared off against counter-demonstrators in Cologne. Police reported three officers and a reporter were injured in clashes.
“Previously hooligans would fight other hooligans from opposing teams, but since the first Pegida activities in 2014 we see that many of these people are beginning to join political demonstrations and be more active there,” Patrick Fels of Cologne’s National Socialism Documentation Center told the Independent after the attacks.

Last week the large circulation German newspaper Bild accused the authorities of covering up the New Year’s Eve attacks. “Were the police forbidden to tell the truth?” a large headline posted on the newspaper’s web page asked.

Bild reported police saying there was no evidence migrants had attacked Germans during the New Year’s Eve celebration. The newspaper subsequently turned up a police log showing 71 people arrested in connection to the attacks were asylum seekers.
In Frankfurt a high-ranking police officer told Bild officers were under strict orders not to give out information about crimes committed by migrants. A spokesman for the provincial government of Hesse said press officers were advised to be discreet to avoid triggering a backlash from “right-wing extremists.”

Public outrage over attempts to cover-up the violence led to the firing of the police chief in Cologne.