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Thread: Is Trump Going to Cancel DACA or Not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy View Post
    Oh most of them are gaming the system, especially the breeders. Under the 2012 DACA they were to receive NO WELFARE and NO FINANCIAL AID FOR SCHOOL. You know they cheated, how else are they living and supporting children and going to school? And they're running drugs, their parents are running drugs, they're running drugs, it's all a huge criminal mess.

    Yes, MonterreySherry, they are ALL GAMING THE SYSTEM, and have been the same as their parents, from the day they stepped foot on US soil.

    General Kelly, do the right thing and STOP THIS MADNESS! Don't force Trump to have to do this for you. YOU DO IT. It's your job. You may not know that yet, but it's a "directive", it's not an Executive Order, it's well within your every day functions to reverse, the same way DOJ decides what cases to take and what not to take, they don't consult with the President on normal every day "prosecutorial discretions". It's why we have Cabinet members to sweat the details so our President can work on the economy, bringing our jobs back, putting Americans back to work at our jobs, many of them stolen by illegal aliens, helping American Kids get seats in good colleges and universities, fixing the tax code, health insurance, rebuilding our military, solving Syria, Iran, North Korea, and the Middle East, fixing the inner cities, upgrading our infrastructure, and yes making friends with Russia so we can help both economies from all the opportunities between US and Russia and disarm nuclear weapons across the globe to make the whole world much safer.
    Unfortunately Kelly can no more end the program without Trump's approval than Napalitanio could write her memo without Obama's approval. That's just not a move that can be made without approval from the top because opponent reaction is going to fall squarely on the President's shoulders (IMO).
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    Trump wants them out, he just doesn't want the media blowback to negatively impact the larger picture of what's he's trying to accomplish with lawsuits. I totally understand that after what happened with the travel ban. But that was political motivation against Trump by DemoQuacks. Kelly can do it and what, they're going to sue a 4 Star General over a memo concerning clear prosecutorial discretion to comply with the laws of the United States? They're going to file lawsuits and accuse a retired 4-Star Marine General of being a xenophobe and a racist, because he's enforcing US law?
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