Spicer says president-elect armed with Day One executive orders and a movement behind him

by Jim Stinson | Updated 18 Jan 2017 at 12:43 PM

President-Elect Donald Trump is ready to move on Day One, readying five executive orders, Trump press secretary Sean Spicer told a news conference Wednesday.

And Trump will move forward with or without full congressional support, Spicer told LifeZette.

Trump has many executive orders ready and is ready to implement a few on Jan. 20, Spicer said. He was mum on details.

LifeZette also asked Spicer if Trump was concerned by recent remarks by House Speaker Paul Ryan that Ryan opposed a “deportation force” for illegal immigrants.

Ryan also told Mike Allen of Axios that he had concerns Trump may not understand the success of congressional reforms on drug pricing.

Trump has recently said he wants to cut drug prices, striking fear into the heart of “Big Pharma.”

Spicer said no president has ever had a Congress that is 100-percent supportive.

But Spicer seemed to suggest that members of the House and Senate look at election results on Nov. 8 before opposing Trump on key issues.

The voters spoke “loudly and very clearly,” Spicer said, “business as usual is over.”

Spicer also said the Trump administration could use the existing federal immigration authorities to round up violent illegal immigrants first and foremost.

“We have a deportation force,” said Spicer. “It’s called [Immigration and Customs Enforcement].”